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self-done nipple pierce

Ok, since I was about 15 years old, I have wanted to get some sort of piercing. But unfortunately my parents weren't too keen on the idea. I eventually convinced them that a navel piercing would work cuz they would never have to see it. It's a long story, but I never did get it pierced.

So then a few months later I tried to get them to let me pierce my

eyebrow. That was a "ya right" situation to begin with, so lets scratch that off my list. So here I am pierceless and going mad cuz I feel the need for metal and there's nothing I can do about it... or so I thought.

One late night, after my parents had gone to bed, I was sitting up

watching the porno channel, and I saw this lady with pierced nipples. light bulb It was so rad; the coolest thing I had ever seen. So I became hooked on the necessity to pierce my nipple. I figured no one would ever see it (except the people I wanted to see it), so it would be all good. I decided to do it the next day after I came home from school, when no one would be there to interrupt me.

The next day came and I was so excited I couldn't sit still all day. I

burned the safty pin I was going to use with a lighter and set that down to cool off. Then came the tricky part. I decided to pierce my right nipple because it was inverted and I hoped that this procedure would train it to stick outward like it's mate. the hard part was actually getting it to stick out (or stay hard) long enough for me to pierce it. So there I sat with ice cubes wrapped in papertowels trying to adjust my nipple so that I could pierce it and not screw it up. I finally said to myself, ok it's not going to get any harder so you might as well do it now. so I held it with my index finger and my thumb on the up and downside so I could poke it horizontally. At first it didn't want to go in, but as I felt my nipple loosing its hardness I thought, now or never. So I pushed really hard and it only was halfway through when i started feeling resistance. So with all my might I pushed it the rest of that way through and out popped the point of the safty pin on the other side. It was really tight and stiff to move around, so I decided to just leave it for the rest of the day and play with it tomorrow in the shower.

I was now satisfied. I went to sleep that night and was very careful of

not turning awkwardly sideways and snagging it. I woke up the next morning and it felt ok, but a little sore. It had crusties on it but those dissappeared in the shower. I was able to move it around once the crusties were off it, and slide the safty pin back n forth.

It healed up nicely after a few weeks. Since I play water polo, I have

to swim every day. And that meant getting into a bathing suit that showed each n every curve of my nipple and its new friend. Most of my teammates were disgusted, yet intrigued. My friend Katie even asked me if I would pierce her navel for her. A few of them thought it was really cool, but no way in hell would they ever have the balls to do that. I showed my best friend and he was shocked with amazment, but liked it all the same.

My parents still don't know about it. When I showed my older sister,

she just said ³What the hell's the matter with you? Are you high? I laughed at her cuz she's just jealous. =)

So, there's the story of my nipple. I plan on getting my tongue pierced

on my birthday (which is in Jan.) so I'll write about that one too when the time comes.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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