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female nipple experience(both)

lthough I have been busily modifying myself for several years now, starting with a tongue piercing 3 years ago, leading to double 6g lobes, industrial and other cartilage pierces, labret and navel pierces, as well as 2 tattoos, my interest in piercing my nipples didn't come until recently, and when it did it was quite sudden. I have been in a relationship for around a year now that is very supportive and allows me to endeavor as much as I want into bod mod. So I think this fact, and our increasing participation in an active bsdm lifestyle is what led me to want to finally pierce the nips. As soon as the notion popped into my nutty little head, I hopped right onto BME and proceeded to scrutinize EVERY picture and EVERY experience for nipple piercings. As always, very helpful, but I was somewhat disappointed in the relative lack of female experiences, which is partly why i am writing my own, for all you girls out there. :)

So, after a few weeks of consideration (obsessing?) I decided to go for it. I am currently attending college about 150 miles from my hometown of Tampa, Florida where Artistic Armour Tattoos and my piercing guru Chuck Luster are located. So, Thanksgiving break seemed an excellent time to do the deed. (By the way, Chuck is an EXCELLENT piercer, he has done all of mine save the tongue - he's a registered nurse and the whole 9....nice guy too!!) Fast forward to the Friday after Turkey day, enter stage left a mildly nervous piercing candidate and her ever-supportive boyfriend. Since Chuck knows us well, most of the formalities(paperwork, etc) were skipped and I was sent straight away to the bathroom to measure my nips with one of those drafting templates with the little circles cut out. (this was a very curious experience, to say the least!) This was to determine the proper length for the barbells. I decided on 14g barbells to avoid migration, and i thought they would be more comfortable for my fairly active lifestyle, at least until they're healed. So we went into the piercing room, and this is something I don't recall any of the other experiences saying, and I think it was great. Instead of leaving me totally topless and exposed, Chuck sent me behind a changing screen with a paper smock like you get at the doctor. This made me SO happy! Much more comfortable than being half naked. All he did was rip little slits over the "work area". So i got to remain fairly covered. Chuck cleaned and prepped them with betadine, etc. and marked the holes. Then, I lied down on the chair, grabbed my boyfriend's hand, and Chuck told me he'd go on 3. So 3 came, and it was not nearly what i expected! Having been pierced many times before, i thought i could estimate how much it would hurt. The pain was instantaneous and not so bad! But, the infamous second piercing was yet to come. I could tell it would be worse when the forceps were darn uncomfortable on the left(second) one....so 1..2..3..and yes, it was worse, but not intolerable at all. After both sides had jewelry in, I layed for awhile to let the blood clot. Oh yeah, that's another thing that I don't think was given much airtime in the other experiences i read. I bled ALOT, and Chuck is known for his bloodless piercings. I guess noone else wanted to mention that, but i had quite a bit of blood. Anyway, I left the room ecstatic over the lack of pain, a little disappointed cuz i really hadn't gotten a good look at 'em before they were back in a gauze filled bra. Oh well! Now to the aftercare story. After the endorphins wore off, they were quite sore for a few hours, but remarkably comfortable. It is my humble opinion that barbells are ALOT more comfy for healing than captives or circulars cuz they dont bounce or get snagged. Anyway, the first cleaning that night in the shower was interesting...lots of blood on the gauze, but i finally got to see them...they look GREAT! And, remarkably, cleaning them wasn't as bad as i thought. Not much pain, a little discomfort cuz they are soo sensitive! I'm using Dial liquid soap, thats all, and a little neosporin cream afterwards...I am a firm believer that too many products or too vigorous cleaning is BAD!! So it's 4 days later and they are already on the mend. Feeling better, looking better!!! Now my only task is to be patient and let them heal properly before subjecting them to all the insidious plans me and my other half have for them!! :) I already love them, and would encourage anyone hesitant as i was to cross the boundary between purely ornamental piercings and more "functional" ones such as nipples to DO IT!!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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