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This is my nipple story.

My nipples and I have always had a rather stand-offish relationship.. I never really liked them.. I mean they don't really have a purpose to me(except breastfeeding, but I don't have kids.) I don't think that they're ugly,. they're actually quite nice.. but it's just they never gave me any sort of sensations at all..

I've always been a bit of an "extremist" to my friends, they think that

I'm some kind of freak, which makes me pretty mad but, one day at lunch one of my friends was talking about piercings and how wouldn't it be sick to get your nipples pierced?(I can hear the Church Sheep freaking now.) To me, though, it seemed like a great idea... I already have my ears pierced and stretched up to an assortment of 12,14 and 10 ga, and I loved the way the shiny metal hung from my ear lobes and cartilage, so maybe I could decorate my nips in the same fashion.

I had just recently had my tongue pierced about a week before at a

wonderful shop in Bonita called "The Looking Glass" and I was already impressed with their friendlyness and professionalism. I would go up there and hang out sometimes, watching people get pierced and tattooed.(Nothing like enjoying people have needles stuck in 'em! )

Well, it was just another fun day at The Looking Glass, and I was watching some girl getting a rose band tattooed on her ankle by A.J. the owner.. I really wanted a piercing and somehow the nipple idea had slipped from my mind. I told PaisleyJon, the other artist at Looking Glass that I wanted something pierced today but, I didn't know what yet. So he told A.J. to give me "The BOOK" of piercing ideas... It showed many drawings of different piercings... I was astounded by the number of genital piercings.. But then I turned the page, and there it was! That one piercing that I had truly wanted! The nipples!!

"That's it, that's what I want" I said, and PaisleyJon and A.J. were both

pretty flipped out by it,(mostly because I didn't look the "type" at that time period!) but Jon told me he would do it, and for me to go and relax and not pass out... I went out in front of The Looking Glass and lite up a cigarette. I watched the passing cars speed by and they reminded me much of my thoughts.. My thoughts were racing through my mind.. "people will think you're weird" "people will shun you and call you a freak" I suprised myself by saying "F*ck people".. and I knew I was ready..

I walked back into Looking Glass and Jon asked me if I was ready.. I was

like yeah, and really laid back mostly because I had gotten a buzz off my cigarette. He took me into the bathroom to see if the barbells that he was going to use to pierce me would fit my nipples.

I was then in the chair.. You know the chair don't you? The vinyl one,

that moves around like a dentist's chair, and smells faintly of alcohol.. Jon let me choose how I wanted to be pierced(take my shirt off, leave it on, lift it up, etc.) So I took my shirt off and put my bra cups under my tits. Jon put his gloves on, pulled out a new needle in it's package and a little new barbell.(At this time my brain was screaming "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???" but I was going to do this!)

I told Jon that we would only pierce the left nipple, and he asked me if I

was sure.. I then decided I would see how bad it hurt and then I'd tell him if I wanted both, he thought that was a good idea. Jon cleaned my nipple with alcohol and iodine,(I was really enjoying that, which suprised me, and my nipple actually got really hard), then he marked an entrance and exit hole with his marking pen.. Then came the needle.. Oh boy, was I ready for this? I did some meditative deep breathing and immediately calmed down a little bit, even though my heart was racing... PaisleyJon asked me if I wanted him to tell me or to just do it? I told him just do it.

 He pressed the needle against the nipple and it went smoothly through,

(like the proverbial hot knife through butter) "Wow," I said amazed. He then took the barbell out and put the jewelery into the fresh piercing. "What do you think?" he asked me.

"Do the other one.." He laughed and got out another new needle and barbell, cleaned my right nipple in the same fashion as the left and asked me again,"Do you want me to tell you when or to just do it?".. I thought for a few seconds,laughing I said,"Just do it, again." This time it hurt... I didn't relax enough, but I did look down to see this needle, so sharp and fierce looking piercing through my delicate nipple..( I was really horny.) The whole thing had seemed so phallic and sexual to me that I was actually getting turned on by my own bravery at having my nipples pierced. Jon then inserted the jewlery, bandaged up both my nipples and gave me an aftercare sheet and lecture. I then spend the rest of the day at The Looking Glass, unfortunately, my nipples bleed through my bra, so I threw it out the window when I was driving home.(Driving was fun! The seatbelt seemed to hit my nipple every 5 seconds..Augh!)

   I've had my nipples pierced for about 5 months now, I took them out at

one point because my mother was flipping out and calling me all kinds of wonderful things ("You pierced your tits!?!?! You sicko!!") but, I put them back in, unfortunately I could only get the left one back in, so I'm probably going to go and get the right one repierced again. I just recently(exactly 2 days ago from today: Sunday) stretched my left nipple from a 14ga cbr to a 12 ga curved barbell with some big balls on it!! It looks really good and feels even better.

Those so-called "friends"? The ones that brought nipple piercing to my attention all called it "gross" and other immature words, but funny, they're all getting stuff pierced now, and I guess because it's "Cool" to have it(Tongue, navel) pierced, it's okay..

They're no longer my friends.. I told them in no uncertain terms to "F*ck off!"

My nipples and I have a good relationship now.. They like me and I like them.. I especially like "Lefty" with his nice barbell, "Righty" looks very naked and I feel sorry for him. But all in all they have given me good times.. A really great thing is when some with a pierced tongue licks "Lefty" and the metal touches metal... GOD! That's great... What really love is when I'm walking in the mall(or some other public place) without a bra on and I can tell people can see "Lefty's" barbell, because the balls are so big... I love the attention that he gets.. and I can only hope that "Righty" will soon be in the same ballpark as "Lefty" is.

: ) Beau311Dis@aol.com


Well, friends... "Righty" has now joined "Lefty's" club... I'll admit, I'm a porn junkie, and one night I was laying on my couch watching "Spice"(it's so great now, being Hardcore and all.) and I was playing with my right nipple really hard because it doesn't get as much sensation as "Lefty", and a small piece of skin opened up. (Hmmm.. I thought to myself...) Well as I was watching "Spice" a chick with both her nipples pierced came on. I was immediately pissed... Dammit! I thought.. I gotta get "Righty" reopened up!!... I went into my room, grabbed my 14ga taper(Kids, don't try this at home) ran into the bathroom and grabbed some vaseline and went back to the living room.

I rubbed some Vaseline on my nipple and the taper, looked for the open piece of skin and gently inserted it...Wow, I thought.. doesn't hurt so far.. wait, wait! YEOUCH!!.. okay... so go slow.... I sat there for about 15minutes with this taper half in my nipple.. (What do I do now? I wondered) I went outside, grabbing a coke on the way out..(I was on my porch in the back of my house, mind you.) and smoked a cigarette...) That calmed me down and relaxed me a TON! So I went back inside.. watched some more Spice and put a little more Vaseline on my nipple... Then I pushed it all the way in!

WOW!!! I relieved the wonderful nipple-getting-pierced-euphoria all over again! It was great. I sat there on the couch buzzing off my natural high with the sharp little taper in my boob. I looked down at the needle and got turned on.(Geez I thought to myself, I am a total hornball!) I grabbed one of my fresh 14ga Cbrs and threaded it into my nipple.. I strolled over to the kitchen sink and washed it off with antibacterial Dial soap..

I am so happy now! "Lefty" and "Righty" are both pierced and they wear their metal proudly! I am going to stretch "Righty" up to a 12ga so they are both on the same gauge o' meter..(or something like that!) Also I'm thinking I might start to apprentice at being a piercer! Anyone got any ideas??


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on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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