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My Nipple Piercing Experience @ Rising Sun

I never really had an interest in body piercing. I had my ears pierced when I was younger and I had 2 cartilage piercing in my left ear but that was the extent of my experiences. I was introduced to the idea of body piercing through a coworker. Needless to say after the flashing of his nipple piercing, I was intrigued. After a few days he let me in on a secret ..that his piercings didn't stop at his nipples. I checked out a pic of his PA on the BME site and naturally curious .. I needed to explore more. After examining pictures and reading about other's experiences the idea of getting pierced seemed less bizarre and very interesting. The idea of getting my nipples pierced seemed to grow on me. The more I thought about it ...the more I wanted to do it.. I woke up on Wednesday May 27/98 and decided I wanted to go for it. I called Annie at Rising Sun asking her the important questions over the phone and decided to do it. I showed up at Rising Sun a couple of hours later ..wearing a button down shirt and a really comfy bra. Annie mentioned that some women preferred to wear nothing after getting this type of piercing whereas others preferred a bra. After filling out the forms and producing my proof of age I sat and waited. Luckily for me there was a couple of people ahead of me so I had some time to calm myself down. I wasn't really scared of the pain or overly nervous ..by the time it was my turn.. I was quite calm. It was finally my turn. I picked out my rings (stainless steel with hematite ball) and was brought back into a room with a chair ..kind of like a dentist chair. I stripped (Annie went through cleaning instructions as she cleaned each nipple with betadine).. I was marked (it was a tad bizarre to check out the marking for evenness in the mirror)..and clamped (felt pretty good).. And then was instructed to sit back in the chair and then it was lowered back...so my feet were at the highest point. Annie explained every step of the way what she was doing ..so I knew when she was lining up the needle. (Annie was very patient considering my endless questions ..its possible that I was babbling in order to keep the focus away from what was going on ..perhaps I was a tad nervous) I was then instructed to take a deep breath ..and blow out ..she pushed the needle through as I was exhaling.. Yes it hurt. The pain was very brief. It was an initial sharp pain and then dulled to an ache.. While inserting the ring it pinched a little ..and the left nipple was done. After reading up on other's experiences I expected the 2nd ring to hurt more. Yeppers they were right.. When the needle went through the pain was sharper and seemed to last longer.. I can proudly say all I did was flinch.. After both rings were inserted the chair was brought back up and I could check out my new piercing in the mirror. ..Yes it was the right decision ..my nipples were soooo cute. I carefully put on my bra and shirt and went to the front desk to pay Annie. I was definitely on an adrenalin rush. If I was a little less shy I think I would have flashed everyone I encountered on the way to my car.

For the first few weeks I slept with a sports bra on. The initial rubbing without the sports bra would irritate my piercing. I religiously cleaned them with antibacterial soap twice a day. After a few weeks my piercing seemed to be healing pretty good. I slept without a sports bra and now enjoyed the rubbing of the material..it was all good..that was until I rolled over onto one of the piercing ..I must have twisted it damn good ..cuz I woke up with blood around the piercing. This was the first time they bled and I was a tad concerned. After that ..my left nipple tended to be way more sensitive and seemed to be pushing up a lot compared to the other one .. I started sleeping with the sports bra again..within a week the piercing had pushed up enough that I could see the partial outline of the ring through my skin.. On August 11/98 ..I decided to go back and visit Annie. There was 2 main reasons .. The first was for her to take a look at my left nipple ..(I feared that it was rejecting and that it would have to be taken out ..) The 2nd was for my next piercing adventure ..a vertical clithood ..(but thats another story..) Annie examined my ring and verified my worst fear .. It was rejecting and if it got any worse it would have to be removed ..so it could heal .. I was instructed to keep an eye on it and if it got any worse to come back and have it removed..I woke up the next day and examined my left nipple ..it was worse then the day before ..I could see the outline of my ring through my nipple.. I decided the best thing to do was have it removed. ..The next few weeks I felt like I was missing something.. Annie advised me to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before getting it redone.. On August 26/98 ..2 weeks to the day that I had it removed.. I was back at Rising Sun .. After my ring was sterilized .. I went through the same procedure again.. I was cleaned with betadine ..marked... clamped ..and then back in the chair .. And my ring was back.. Woohoo!! My left nipple piercing seems a lot deeper then it was originally and im going through a lot less pain this time. Im cleaning it religiously, wearing my sports bra while sleeping..and so far so good .. No real pain ..and its healing pretty good ... Stay tuned for pics .. Im giving it a few more weeks of healing and then I want to make my experience a Kodak moment..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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