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"18th Birthday Piercing Present"

ell, I had been planning on getting some body mod for my 18th birthday for about 6 months.. originally I was planning on getting a celtic tattoo on my lower back, but I signed an agreement that, in exchange to get my navel pierced when I was still 17, I would wait till I was at least 21 to get a big celtic tattoo. So nipple piercings kinda stuck with me..

So the night before my 18th birthday, I thought about the pain factor and decided its way too late to back out now, and resolved that I would actually go through with it. So I woke up early, around 9:00am and I waited around for my friends to show up, 6 of us in all.. so we drove to the local piercing shop. In southern California, there seems to be at least 1 per city... so it was a quick 10 minute trip. We stopped at Taco Bell, so I could get some food in my stomach.. but I was kinda too nervous to eat, and ate very little.. Next door, there were 2 shops that did piercings... Ipso Facto, which was a gothic/clubwear and piercing shop, and Nothing Shocking, which was kinda rockabilly/skate and piercing shop. I went into Nothing Shocking, which is where I got my other piercings (navel and ears, and ear stretching).. and asked about getting my nipples pierced there.. and they said they didn't pierce female nipples, so looked at their jewelry and decided to Ipso Facto. The girl behind the counter had the funniest laugh, and she asked me when I last ate, and gave me the release form to sign, aftercare instructions, recommended that I bought their antibacterial soap, which I did. I showed her my CBR's I had from my ears, she said the diameter might be too small unless I have really small nipples, which, I don't. So the piercer took me in the back room, and determined I would need larger diameter rings.. so back at the counter I decided on circular barbells... I wasn't exactly sure that that's what I wanted, but my friends said they would be cute.. so I got those.

I waited for the piercer to finish up with a nipple stretch, and prep... then 5 of us piled in the piercing room... the lone boy in the group waited outside (he refused to watch :)... I took my shirt again (my bra was already off from when he determined what kind of rings I would need)... the piercer was alot more friendly than the ones I had next door, and he was making us laugh (and making me relax) about male genital piercings... and how the guys get "excited" and such. My friend Christie was right next to me, so the whole time, I squeezed her hand until her rings were hurting me.. the piercer wiped down my nipples with beditine, and took a few minutes to mark me... then came the clamps, which I was afraid was gonna hurt, but actually, they were kinda fun, like someone biting me. ;) Then he told me to take a deep breath and relax... and the needle was through! It hurt, but not that bad, the pain went away pretty quickly and I watched as he screwed the ball on, and prepared me for the right one. This time, it hurt more, and I say the f-word kinda loud, but it wasn't THAT bad at all. I was expecting ALOT worse. he wiped the blood off, and I took a look in the mirror.. lovely! :)

A few hours later, I was kinda bloody, so I took a shower, and washed them off gently with the soap.. fun stuff! Feelings the rings as I washed was pretty rad. That night, I took another shower and they were caked with tons of blood around the holes, and my right one was sticking to my bra, as I cleaned them off, I pulled a piece of "flesh" from the ring, and nearly passed out, i stumbled to put my clothes back (passing out naked in someone elses shower at 3am isn't good) on afterwards, and was so dizzy after seeing that, I collapsed on my friends couch until I could think again. Now, I've been wearing band-aids over them. I showed my sister, she said she felt sick to her stomach... and thinks I'm even more of a freak, my mom thought my sis was kidding when she told her, and the two of them both offered me 200$ each to take them out (and not get them re-pierced), but I turned them down. Then they just pleaded with me to just "be normal" for once. ;) My friends on the other hand (piercing-less except one girls navel and ears of course) they are awesome.. I'm so happy that I got them...! So I'm hoping for the best, (no migration or infection). :)

Erica redshift17@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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