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The Insidious Inside Out Nipple

K first a little background info, (this is how it all got started). My first piercing was in sixth grade, I'd always wanted to get my ear pierced (well for a few years at that point), but my parents wouldn't let me. When a friend in my class got his ear done I was able to convince them, I had it done at the mall with a piercing gun. It was fun for a while, I'd try different earrings but after a while it just got boring, I needed something more. In seventh grade I tried to convince my parents to let me pierce my septum, it didn't work (no way in hell) so out of protest I pierced my left nostril (no one who would do septums would pierce an 8th grader) this didn't go over too well with Dad, he made me take it out (don't worry I get my revenge later). Some years later I got my nipples pierced, I figured that they'd never find out (to this day my father hasn't a clue) everything went fine for a while they just wouldn't heal. Now both my ears are pierced and stretched up to 0 gauge, no healing problems there. And because of the horrible trauma I went through in 8th grade trying to get my septum pierced I finally did that, its at 6 gauge now and long since healed. Recently I got a Prince Albert and then a lorum both at 6 gauge and without problems (so far, the lorum is new, about 3 months). Oh yeah I forgot I have a brand on my ankle I did myself (it's a swirl) with some 16ga 316L welding rod, I bent out about 5 different shapes of varying sizes and curves, to fit the curvature of my design. My previous attempt failed, I had used a soldering iron and done a dot outline (about 20 strikes) but the burns didn't look like they would scar very well and I wanted a solid brand any way. I heated the metal over a candle until it turned a nice red (using pliers of course) and held them down for about 2 seconds, making sure it crackled and smelled, it hurt a bit more than with the soldering iron, maybe it was just because I wasn't trying to look all tough in front of my girlfriend (who by the way isn't too modified but enjoys cutting/play piercing).

I've had my nipples pierced for almost 2 years now and they still haven't healed. I have heard of similar problems from other males with their nipples pierced, I don't think anyone knows why this is but male nipples don't always like to heal. I'll get a little lymph now every day or 2 as they are somewhat healed. Ok now to the gross part, about a 6 or 7 months after I got them pierced I tried to stretch the right one up from 14 to 12, I didn't use a taper and the entire inside of the nipple was pushed out leaving a tube of skin coating the ring (but still connected to the nipple on one end). I pushed it back in and taped the ring to my skin so it wouldn't move the skin back out. This healed back up after a few weeks of cleaning and making sure not to bump it. Then a few months later I was cleaning the left one in the shower and I felt some tension on the ring as I slid it through (it was already clean) and it turned inside out, just like that, only this time the skin broke in the middle so when I rotated the ring to the left or the right a tube of skin would come out of the corresponding side....it sucked. This has happened 1 or 2 times since then and I cant explain it, I clean it as much as it needs it (mild antibacterial soap in the shower with the occasional salt water soak). I have never experienced any rejection, just the expected migration as the nipple enlarged. My piercer even told me I had good nipples for piercing. So for anyone else out there with this problem you are not alone, the only advise I can give you is putting the skin back inside isn't always the best idea, the first 2 times I did that and it worked fine but the last time (4 weeks ago) I tried that, the skin did not reattach, it just festered and abscessed, that was yucky, I had to drain it and clean the mangled rotting flesh out of my poor nipple, but after 2 days of bactine and salt water soaks the infection went away and its fine now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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