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or many years now, I have been anxiously awaiting the moment when I would have my nipples pierced. For the most part, I was just waiting for a time when I would have enough money to have them done without cutting in to more important expenses. I had the jewelry (12ga. CBR's) for a long time before I actually got my nipples pierced. When the time came to have them done, I decided to go for somewhat of a "different" experience than what most people having their nipples pierced would have. I decided to have them done in "tandem". What this means basically is you have two piercers, two needles, and both nipples are pierced simultaneously......1,2,3, Bang....and they are both done. This provides a more intense experience and also eliminates the dreaded anticipation of the next piercing.

I have always gone to Passage body piercing (they now do tattooing, branding, henna, and rexflexology/aromatherapy) in Toronto, just because I really enjoy the people there and the atmosphere they create. For me, when it came time for the nipple piercings, there was no better choice. I chose to have Tee (head piercer/owner) and Blair (scarification artist/piercer who also works at Tat-a-rama) do the piercings. I brought my girlfriend and one other close friend with me for support. Personally, I like to have my modifications done as a sort of community event, with people that are close to me present. I guess this is sort of reminiscent of the older, "tribal" rituals where the entire family, or tribe would be present. My family is not open to this, and so I choose to bring certain members of my second family, my tribe. (my friends)

I got into the piercing room and I was sweating

bullets, I'm not entirely sure why, I wasn't all that nervous on a conscious level, but I guess subconsciously I was terrified. I apologized for my sweaty smell, made a few jokes about it, then got down to business. I took my shirt off, which is something that usually makes me somewhat uncomfortable as I have never been really pleased with my body shape. The nipple piercings have somehow helped to diminish that feeling. Tee and Blair began marking me and the three of us decided on what would be the best placement. Tee and Blair are both meticulous about placement (not to mention sterility), this is something that I have an enormous amount of respect for. I believe that a piercer (or any artist that works in flesh) has a huge responsibility to their clients to make sure that the job is done well, each and every time. Anyway, once I was marked and emotionally ready to go, I sat in the chair and prepared myself for the intense rush that I was about to experience. At this point, I was clamped and ready to go.
I began my breathing exercises and waited for Tee's count....1, 2,3, Go!

As the needles penetrated my flesh, I was hit with an

extremely intense burn and let out a small "yelp". I could actually feel the needles as the cut through the remainders of my nipples, this is the first time I have ever really experienced that. All of my other piercings have been kind of quick. As soon as the needles where though, Tee and Blair placed their hands over the nipples, applied some pressure, and I felt an amazing calm come over me, it was a moment of true clarity. All of a sudden, I just felt so good. I was happy, energetic, and I felt like I could conquer the world...Okay, it may sound silly, but bottom line.....I just felt amazing. Tee and Blair then slid the jewelry through, bandaged me up, and I was all done. I hung out at the shop for a while just to make sure I was okay, and then got on my way.

The nipples gave me a few complications as far as

healing goes. I think that this was just because I was going to shows where I was dancing and ended up getting hit in the nipples a few times. Now, five months later, they are absolutely healed and I am going to stretch them up pretty soon. I plan to go to about a 6ga. or 4ga. I am not entirely sure, I guess I'll see when I get there.....

For those of you who are contemplating getting their

nipples pierced, I seriously recommend getting them done in tandem, it is an experience that I have not been able to beat so far.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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