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I remember when I was 10 years old and I was watching an interview with Axl Rose on MTV and he had lifted up his shirt to reveal a small stud through one of his nipples. I was repulsed and knew that I would never do such a thing to myself nor support anybody else doing that to themself. I had never really liked Guns 'n Roses anyway.

But two days ago, seven years after my initial experience hearing of nipple piercings, I got both of my own nipples pierces. I had already pierced my ears twice, my hood three times, my septum, and my tongue, and I was running out of places to pierce that weren't easily visible to the public (I guess I like to keep my piercings primarily to myself and those I choose to share them with). A few of my friends had pierced nipples and at first I didn't like them much, but then I grew to tolerate them and even like them. They were fun to play with. I think it was when a girl I'd had a crush on revealed to me her pierced nipple and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen was when I decided I could stand piercing my own nipples.

My friend is a professional piercer and I let him do all of my piercings because I trust him more because I know he hasn't been afflicted with the Piercer's Ego epidemic that's been circulating around most of the piercers around me. I also figured that since he knew me, he'd feel bad if he screwed up the piercing so he'd be more cautious than anybody else who just wanted my money (most of the piercers up here tend to re-charge to re-pierce screwed up piercings), and he'd pierce me in a way more suitable to me.

So we were in his bathroom with my shirt up trying to figure out what gauge and style jewelry to use. We'd decided on 14 gauge 1/2 inch straight barbells. I guess straight barbells are supposed to heal faster, especially if you wear a bra throughout the healing process, as I knew I would be doing. So he prepped my nipple with betadine and lubricated the needle, marked where on my nipple he would be piercing, and clamped it. He lined up the needle with the marks, and I drew in a breath. As I let it out, the needle went through me. It didn't hurt anymore than my hood piercings, but it was definately a different sensation. I got a little lightheaded, which had never happened to me before, and it also bled a lot, and none of my other piercings had ever bled a lot. He inserted the jewelery and went on to do the next one. I guess since I had never had any problems with any other piercings I had, he didn't bother to ask me if I needed anything. When I asked him for a glass of water, he seemed a little surprised and asked if I was okay. When I finished the water I felt a lot better . . .maybe I was just dehydrated. So he went on to do the other nipple in the same manner. During all of my other piercings, as the needle went through me my thoughts would be YES! but this time I was thinking WHY? When he finished putting the jewelery in and cleaning up all of my blood, I looked at them in the mirror and I had to admit they did look pretty damn good, I just wished my nipples were more even. I put tissue paper in my bra to collect the blood, gave him a couple bucks for his service, and took my friend to Bickford's for a drink. My nipples would get sore, and I couldn't resist running to the bathroom every few minutes to admire my new piercings.. I cleaned them when I got home and wore my bra to bed to cushion them. I also had to go out and by padded bras to wear so it wouldn't look like I had three nipples. A friend of mine commented on that. But I'm really happy with them. After they heal, which I guess will take about a month, I plan on changing them to 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch captive bead rings. But anyways, that's my story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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