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nipple piercing experience

l, let me first say a big THANK YOU to bme and everyone who contributes. This account is my small way of saying thanks for all the information and helpful resources.

After a year of research on the net, I finally decided to go for it.
I'd been researching my idea for about a year. I read as much material, talked to a ton of people, and looked at as many pics as I could get my hands on. I just wanted to learn as much about it as possible and I'm still learning. I got my nipples pierced back in early October of '97 in Atlanta, GA at BodyMind in the Sacred Heart Tattoo Shop. The procedure went pretty much as I'd read about and expected, except that he didn't use a cork to receive the needle.

Pain, that's what everyone wants to know about - let's see...I consider myself to have a fairly good tolerance for pain. I did the deep breaths and on the 3rd exhale he pushed the needle thru. My fists clenched and my toes curled. It basically hurt like hell. Not the worst pain ever, but quite significant in my lifetime. I just recommend you try to relax (as much as possible, given the circumstances) and any pain you experience will be short-lived when compared to the long-term pleasure you will experience. They were hypersensitive for about 2 weeks afterwards. I chose 12 gauge captive bead rings (cbr's). 12 gauge seemed to be the most highly recommended size to start with and the rings being the easiest to keep clean. After 5 months of healing, I recently changed to barbells and they are bit more time consuming to clean, but they don't bounce around when I play racquetball or mountainbike. My wife likes them better than my rings, so they get played with more (yippee)!

The initial healing was a bit of an ordeal for me early on. I had a bit of trouble after the first month. I was using Dial soap to clean them with. One day I ripped the inner layer of skin (epithelial layer) completely out of the right one and the left one about a week later. I freaked to say the least. I wasn't sure what to do. I emailed a bunch of people and basically it seemed like I just started over more or less in healing. I thought I might be allergic to the nickel content of the stainless steel, but I wear sterling silver jewelry that has nickel content and they don't give me a rash. I took the advice of Patrick Bartholomew at the London Piercing Clinic. He recommended cleaning with a mixture of grapeseed and teatree oil. The teatree oil is an antibacterial and the grapeseed is used to dilute it, because the teatree is very strong. I haven't had a spot of trouble since then. I don't know if there were other factors contributing to my problem, but that seems to have worked for me. Most people are skeptical of this type of cleaning, but like I said it worked for me and that's all I know. The warm salt-water soaks work well for me too. I waited a week for the initial healing and soaked mine just about every night for the first month. I still soak them every now and then, maybe when I bump one too hard or something. I did get both nips done at the same time and do recommend it. I know if I got just one done I would've been back to get the other one done as well. So by having them done at the same time you can care for them together. I personally think it looks better to have them both done.

In hindsight, I would have gone with an initial 10 gauge piercing. I want to stretch up in the future, but I think I'm going to wait 2 years and take my time. I would also have used the oils to heal from the beginning.

I got my nips pierced because I wanted the increase in sensation. I love to have my nips played with. Now they are even more fun, than before. Secondly, I like the way they look. At first it was shocking to see myself in the mirror, but now I don't really notice them. It's like a new tattoo.

I'm extremely happy with the way they have turned out. My nips did grow in size.

The privacy issues: Most of my friends know that I have them done and they like them. None of them are into piercings, but they don't judge me for mine (cool friends, huh?!?). I'm not a very shy person, so anyone that wants to see them is welcome to. No one at work knows. I just don't think it's anyone's business here. Just don't be in a hurry to play with them too hard and try to always wash your hands before touching them. Basically, the more you leave them alone the better they will heal.

J-P [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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