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A New Zealander's Tale...

ell tucked away from nowhere are we New Zealanders. And we also have interesting tales to tell in regards to piercing.

I am a 37, soon to be 38 year old, Professional woman.

My story starts with the acquistion of a cart pierce in my left ear 5 months ago. After many many hours of comtemplation and putting questions to those who already had it done I finally got enough nerve to sneak away after work one night and have it done.

I chose an extremely reputable Tattoo and Piercing studio here in Auckland, the hours suited, as I work late and they were highly recommended to me by others.

I arrived there, told them what I wished to have done. They made me feel most at ease and I was soon engaged in selecting the ring I was to have put in. For this purpose I chose an irridescent blue niobium ring with ball. I then had to wait for a few minutes while they sterilised the new ring. A wonderfully cheerful female did my pierce for me. It was over within a matter of minutes. The hardest part was the clamp - I dont deny it hurt - however only long enough to voice that fact and then it was finished.

I then listened carefully to the aftercare instructions given, recieved a bottle of cleaning fluid and another of a healing ointment and written notes on the use of sea salt mixes etc if that should be my preference.

Wow I drove home thinking - is it really there. It was hard to believe it was done.

To follow for the next month were many nights of terribly hellish sleep. Guess which side I sleep on? hahaha. I had no problems with my pierce, no infections whatsoever, and to this very day I have only the occassional times when I get a friendly reminder that it is there.

One very satisfied customer indeed.

I returned to the studio just 3 weeks ago, one Wednesday night after work, after having done the same questioning of others but this time in relation to having a navel pierce.

I was told I could have a local anaesthetic applied to the area but that would mean application and waiting for an hour before the pierce could be done. I asked just how painful it would be in relation to the cart pierce and was told that it would be nothing like it. Trusting the young lady I elected to go ahead without, mainly also due to the fact that it was so late and I didnt want to wait too long.

We went through the same process as before with selecting the ring. This time I chose a plain niobium ring with a tigers eye ball. While this and equipment was being sterilised I undid my jeans and stood up straight while she marked the entry and exit points. When ready to proceed I laid down on the bed and away she went.

To my surprise I didnt feel much at all and within seconds sported a newly pierced navel. WOW, I was so proud.

I recieved my instructions on aftercare, additional cream and cleaning solution and off I went.

The very next morning I purchased the recommended anti-bacterial soap and started a strict regime of personal care.

Well by this stage I was totally hooked on the look and lo and behold back I trotted, one week later, to the studio and requested that I have my nipples pierced.

On my arrival I wasnt sure as to whether I wanted one or both done. Whatever, the fact of the matter was that they would not do this piercing without a local anaesthetic so I had the local anaesthetic cream applied topically to both nipples and off I went with a friend to wait out the TWO hours for it to take affect.

It was probably the longest wait of my life, I had mentally prepared for having this procedure and just wanted it over and done with.

I spent many hours reading through the BME pages and letters and was confident of my decision. A special friend via Irc chat had led me to discover the gems of information contained within the site. I had read it all - good and bad. I knew I was making an informed choice.

Well the moment had arrived. A third young lady was to perform the piercing for me. She closed the doors to the room and asked the guys to remain out while this was done. I stripped naked to my waist and again stood straight while she marked both nipples. This time I also had my friend with me, she came from sheer curiousity more than anything.

I then laid down on the bed and away she went. Hell I find it hard to describe - it was pleasure and pain. I had been told I would still feel it but not so badly as if I hadnt had anaesthetic. I remember saying for her to hurry and finish, and then her responding that it was completed. I looked down and there it was. One nipple sporting, this time a irridescent green niobium ring and ball.

I breathed deeply and said I didnt think I could get the other done then. She said fine but that it would be better to do them both now or I probably wouldnt go back. She warned me that I would feel the second one more than the first. I took a deep breath and said "what the hell - do it".

She was right, I did feel it more but thats probably the power of the mind and anticipation of knowing what was to come that controlled the situation.

Whatever, within seconds it was over and I now had two very proud nipples sporting their new green rings.

It wasnt so bad really, I still firmly believe that the cart pierce I had done 5 months previous was the hardest experience of the three procedures.

My nipples have given me no problems and after two weeks are just great - no discharge and minor discomfort during the first week. HAHAHA the worst time probably was when at work I got the most incredible itch in my right nipple and I couldnt have a scratch as I was in full view of customers and security cameras - not good. I experience pleasureable sensations when I play with them and my word they look so good. Please note that I found it more comfortable to wear a bra whilst sleeping during that first week.

My navel still has a slight discharge after 3 weeks and gets irritated by invasive clothing therefore I am still following the after care procedures to the word. No doubt it will be a while longer before it is healed.

Cost per pierce in New Zealand dollars - $43.00 all inclusive with healing ointment, cleaning solution, anaesthetic(if required), niobium rings (barbells also available but at slightly higher cost).

I paid only $63.00 total for the nipple piercings as both were done at same time and one needle used instead of two.

My favourite studio is Dermographics - located in College Hill. All the staff there make you feel right at ease. I cannot thank them enough.

My aftercare regime I followed was.... the purchase of Protex - an antibacterial soap, use of that during twice daily showering. I also purchased another soap made from Tea Tree Oil and tend to favour that more as it is an natural antibiotic and not so harsh on my skin. I find it easier to move and clean the rings whilst under the hot shower water. I alternate daily between using the special healing cream provided and actual Tea Tree Oil - however you should not apply the oil till at least after the first week even then proceed with caution. If it stings on application then it is too soon to be using it. Try a diluted solution of it first then proceed if no sting. I use a straight 100% oil now but then I obviously heal rapidly.

After one week the nipples had settled enough to be able to sleep naked and allow them to get sufficient airflow. I allow all my piercings as much air flow as practicable.

Now I just wanna show them off, and I walk around with a smile on my face, thinking that I have a most intimate secret to share only with special people and no-one knows from looking at me in my business clothes.




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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