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Nipple Pierce Experience


Well, after first being introduced to the idea of getting my nipples pierced about 6-8 weeks ago during a mud-wrap. I finally got them done on Tuesday.

The young lady that had mentioned that she had had hers done for sometime sparked an interest that I had not realised was there!! The more I though about it, the more interesting it became. We talked about

it for some time and I decided that I would get it done ... the only problem at the time was getting the money together!!

A few visits later, some more talking about it ... did it hurt , where did she have it done, what was it like, etc., I asked to her to organise an appointment and I would get them done.

Tuesday rolled around, I did not feel nervous at all for most of the day, and was, in a way, actually looking forward to the experience. The nerves did not start to kick in till about 20 minutes before going to the shop. I had asked if Caren could organise the appointment and come along for moral support (I'm a wimp about going to new places like this, as the only pierces I have are in my ears, and these had all been done with "the gun" [all 9 of them, 8 standard holes and one cartilage.] Hey, I didn't know any better!!)

The shop was called The Piercing Urge and the person that did the pierces was Robyn. She explained what would happen and then suggested that I select the jewellery I wanted, after which I filled out the paperwork. While I was completing the form, she organised a room, collected the assorted equipment she would and then called me in.

Around this time, the butterfly population in my stomach had reached plague proportions and I was now officially nervous!!!!

In the cubicle, I was asked to remove my shirt, the procedure was explained from start to finish, I was reminded to remember to keep breathing, entrance and exit holes marked and I was asked to check them in the mirror to see if I was happy with them. Everything seemed to be okay to me, but as this stage I was feeling rather strange, today the least!!

I lay down on the table, Robyn stripped the sterile packaging off a pair of surgical clamps, asked another of the piercers to assist and placed the clamps around the left nipple. The assistant held them in place while Robyn asked me to keeping breathing and was I ready to commence.

At this stage I guess I was as ready as I was ever going to be! The clamp was getting uncomfortable and the anticipation was starting to get to me, so I said to go ahead. So, I felt the initial prick as the needle started its journey and then the pain kicked in, I stopped breathing for a second or so, then took a couple of deep breaths as the needle moved through the nipple!! The next thing I heard was, "It's though, I am now going to insert the jewellery. It's through, the bead is going on. It's done!! ... Are you OK?" I'm not sure how coherent I was at this stage as the pain was considerably more than I had expected or anticipated!!! However, it was done and there was another one to go.

I figured that if I did not get it done now, I probably would not get it done at all, so I gave her the go ahead for the second one. This was very much a repeat of the first and then it was DONE!!!

The relief was tangible after the second nipple had been done and the surrounding areas cleaned up. There was a minor trickle of blood around the exit hole of the left nipple, but none at all with the right one. My nipples really felt strange!! It was not just the fact that there were now two chunks of steel sitting behind them, it was the aftermath of the pain of having a needle driven through my body without the aid of any anaesthetic or topical analgesic!!

I'm not sure if there was an endorphin rush or not, but I sure as heck knew about the adrenaline rush!!! My hands were shaking, the butterflies were still hanging around the stomach, but ... I had successfully made it through getting my nipples pierced.

The trip home on public transport was ... interesting. I felt most of the bumps, the shirt occasionally caught the rings and there were the odd twinge as the rings moved due to the bumps and shirt catching.

I had hoped to get this written the same day as the piercing, but assorted things got in the way. I finally decided to do it tonight before the experience faded.

I think this has been another turning point in my life .... I know it sounds pretentious, but it seems like I have made a fundamental change to the way I now view life!! It is another step in the way I am changing my life and strangely enough, I think I am starting to take charge of my life, this is something that has only just now struck me!! Thanks to Caren and the members of RAB, I managed to actually go ahead and do it.

I am now the proud possessor of two pierced nipples with 14ga CBRs with amethyst beads. They do look kind of neat, although they also let me know when they get knocked! Still, even that is not as bad as I would have thought.

After this experience, I thought that this would be the end, but I saw an interesting ear pierce while I was getting my nipples done, and the urge to get it myself is starting to become almost unbearable!! Whoever said that once you start piercing, you can't stop .... was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!

Richard Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (definitely coming out of lurk mode!!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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