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Nipples @ Morningstars Primitive Impressions

ell, I finally decided to sit down and write about my experience getting my nipples pierced. I'm a 48 year old man that has had a strange life overall. I suffered a heart attack in March of 1992 and a mild stroke in July of the same year. I have come back from both in good shape. I was the oldest of three sons, now I'm the only one left. My youngest brother died in May, 1983 of cancer at 27, my middle brother died in May, 1997 of a heart attack at the age of 43. In June, last year, I decided to get my ear pierced and did it. Last summer, I was chatting with my wife about getting my nipples pierced, I felt we agreed, oh well, we can fool ourselves at times. In October I decided to get it done, and went to a tattoo/piercing shop to get it. The young piercer there was very tidy and the shop was very clean and professional looking. She changed her gloves twice that I can remember. She talked me into a smaller gauge ring. Then, she marked me and did the pierce. It did hurt a bit at that moment, but not enough to cause me any real discomfort. I paid her and was on my way home. I took my wife out to dinner and told her, she was shocked, but didn't say anything negative at that time. After I showered the next morning, I was staring at my ring and decided that I was out of balance, I mean, my left side was done, but it looked like my right side wanted one, too.

So, back I went the next day after work and got the right side done. Now, I was balanced. I felt really good about the whole experience. Oh, the right side hurt more, since I was not aware that I had used up most of my endorphins on the previous day. I did not do any real searching on the web about piercings until December of last year. That is when I found out that 18 gauge rings were too small. So, in January, I called the shop to see if I could get them bigger, and they said they didn't carry any bigger ones at that time, but I could go somewhere else get them and they would put them in. I went to the shop they told me to go to, but they were allowing their stock to dwindle down as there was a shop in the mall, that did piercings. I went there to get my rings and meet the piercer Jason Carpenter. He was very kind and helped me pick out the correct ones (16 gauge). So, I asked how much for them and was about to pay for them went he asked if I wanted them put in, and I asked how much more. He looked kind of funny at me and said "no additional cost", so I said sure why not. Well, he prepared them, removed my right one, clean the area, put in a taper, and finally the ring. Now, this time it did "HURT", but for a few minutes afterward I felt fine, so we started on my left side. Well, I passed out cold, Jason supported my head until I came to, that was a comfort to me. He explained that many people do that and it was no big deal. He said, why don't I give it a week and come back, and I did just that.

Now, the signs in the shop said to tell them if there was any medical condition that might have an effect, well, guess who didn't tell everything. Yes, it was me. So, on the following Saturday, I took my wife with me, I told what had happened the previous Friday. She told me to tell them the medical history, guess who didn't, you are right again, me. And I passed out again, after the new ring was in. As, I was out, my wife told him my medical history.

I have and continue to enjoy my rings, and my wife is coming around to enjoying them also. If you happen to be in Rochester, New York and are looking for a piercing shop do try, "Morningstars Primitive Impressions", it is a great shop, with fine people working in it. Thanks for taking the time to read this rambling.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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