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Nipple @ Snakebite

bout four weeks ago I decided to get my other nipple pierced, I had had my left nipple pierced for about five months at this stage and my over-active brain had exaggerated the pain and thus I had put off having it done for quite a while. I was in town with a friend of mine when I decided to get it done there and then, I had already decided what I wanted, a vertical barbell through my right nipple; there was a ring through my left nipple and somehow I never liked the idea of symmetry. In fact this was to be the first piercing on the right hand side of my body.

When I got my left nipple pierced all those months ago my first thought was 'That wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be', my second was 'I think I'm going to faint', which I promptly did. Since then I had gotten a Prince Albert, Cartilage and a Scaffold (Industrial) piercing so it wasn't the pain that caused me to put it off for so long, more the embarrassment of fainting.

We headed down to Snakebite (Middle Abbey Street, Dublin) and as it was early morning on a weekday there wasn't a queue so Rob was able to do the piercing straight away. Signed a consent form and we went into the piercing room. After selecting a barbell I was asked whether I wanted it towards the front, or further back, so as to facilitate a horizontal piercing at a later date. I hadn't considered this before but why waste space, I opted for the latter placement.

Gloves on, area marked, stand up straight, arms by side to make sure it'll be straight, more gloves on, if there was a part of 'proper procedure' that Rob missed I don't know what it was. I lay down and Rob instructed me on breathing techniques, long breath in through the nose filling the lungs and out through the mouth, he explained that he would pierce as I was filling me lungs and asked me to look away.

And then, nothing, well nothing like I had remembered, a short stinging pain would be the best way to describe it, the piercing was over before my brain even registered that it had begun. I looked down and there was a plastic tube through my nipple, Rob put the barbell in it, pulled it through, tightened the ball and it was done.

The pain was minimal, virtually non-existent and extremely quick (the piercing that is). I looked down at the plastic sleeve through my nipple as Rob popped the barbell in and tightened the ball. This time the first thought that went through my head was 'why did I leave it so long to get it pierced?' I still had the aftercare leaflet from before but Rob still insisted in going over it again with me. I paid my money and went on my merry way.

A little while later I glanced at it and noticed that my nipple seemed very flat and spread out, as if someone had squashed it against my body, I assumed (correctly) that this was just temporary and within a few hours my nipple had resumed a 'normal' shape.

In terms of healing I was amazed, within two to three days I was able to sleep on it again, it had taken several months with the previous nipple, and there was no pain or sign of infection at all. I feel a lot more balanced now, you know the expression used "Someone walking over your grave" when a shiver runs down your spine, that now sends a nice tingling sensation right through my entire body rather than just down one side.

To finish I would say two things, to anyone with one nipple pierced, go and get the other done, I know I didn't regret it and secondly I would wholeheartedly recommend Snakebite to anyone in Dublin, or indeed anywhere in Ireland, it's worth the trip. The staff is friendly and efficient and the place is very clean.

Thanx Rob, next comes the tongue web....

At least that's what I thought, it'll certainly be my next piercing (tomorrow in fact) but the next piece of body modication I indulged in was scarification/branding, and that experience will follow shortly in another article.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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