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Breast Nightmare

there. I have a very painful tale to tell to warn others of the perils.............If possible, I would like to contribute to your ezine.............if not possible, perhaps you can warn others...............thank you for your consideration!

I had my nipple pierced several months ago and it healed in a couple of weeks with no problems whatsoever, very little pain and I totally loved it!!! That was my foray into body piercing besides politically correct and conservative pierced ears! After the success, I proceeded to have my navel, labia and hood pierced..........easy, very little pain and healed quickly.........except for my stubborn navel, but I heard that is common.

Anyways, I desired a more intense piercing , but it had to be one that would not give me away at work............I decided to get my nipple double pierced. I have a CBR through the nipple and I wanted a barbell through the base brown ring of my breast. I am kind of shy, so I have not gone to a piercing place due to the intimate nature of my chosen spots to be pierced. For every piercing, I have gone to my friend who does tatoos and pierces free-lance. I trusted him to know what was what. I went to my friend and asked him to pierce the nipple base. He made his preparations and got out a 14 guage needle and proceeded to stick it through. ( I held ice on the spots for a bit, but I have a high tolerance for pain.) He stuck the needle through....there was blood, he took it out and inserted the barbell. Ouch*but happy! The familiar throb was no big deal. I looked in the mirror at my new breast ornament and thanked him, paid him and went home to show my boyfriend!

Well, it was only a couple days before I felt like something was really wrong. I felt a heaviness in my breast and the tenderness got worse instead of better. By day 4 I was in excruciating pain whenever anything touched my breast. Wearing a bra was impossible! Now I was getting worried.....then I noticed a foul brown ooze from my breast..................now I was REALLY upset! I took out my barbell and drained the area by squeezing it. Then I held hot compresses on it for hours and drained when I could........I took major vitamins and drank lots of water in the hope it would help to flush out my system.

I was lucky. My breast drained all the pus matter in a couple days and there does not appear to be any lasting damage. The holes closed up and I don't feel any infection whatsoever. I have heard about others who were not so lucky. I don't know what happened this time that was so different from any time I had my friend pierce me before. I told him what happened and he seemed as shocked as me. All I can say is that you must be meticulous about a sterile environment and sterile tools. Even in such cases, infections can occur. If that does happen, do not try to keep the pierce. It is better to force out the drainage, let it heal and start again. If you do not force out the pus, you will be in for trouble as the drainage is your body's way of getting rid of toxic substances. The alternative can be gangrene and amputation in extreme cases. However, there are some pierces, such as the navel, where mild infections seem to be part of the pierce! It is best to consult a professional about this.

After I was all healed, I had my friend repierce my breast...............all went well and I absolutely love it! It is really cool looking and sexy as hell! Neither my friend nor I can figure out where the infection was picked up, as I am careful about cleaning new pierces........but whatever the cause, I think it is important for all to know about the risks and how to handle them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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