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Nipple Piercing Experience

cing Experience

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:52:31 -0400 From: M.

Nipple Piercing Experience

Some years back, I was interested in sun dancing. This is a native American Indian rite which involves men piercing their breasts, attaching a tether to the object throught the piercing and leaning back against the tether which was attached to a pole. The men would enter into a meditative state rythmically dancing to drum beating. This would last for a few days until the piercings would tear through. When I read of this I decided to pierce myself in honor of this rite and pierced my own breasts behind my nipples. The process was long and arduous. I used a sewing needle and had difficulty getting it through the skin. There was tremendous resistance as it passed through the flesh. I thought that it was due to lack of sharpness or perhaps the thickness of the needle. However, after several hours of work I finally had both breasts pierced and placed a large ring in the piercing. I remained pierced for about six weeks and they healed rather well considering my crude sterilization technique but were very sensitive to touch. There was something about having the piercing that was somehow spiritual. No one other than my girlfriend knew of my piercings. It was a very personal thing for me. While the rings were in, when we made love my girlfriend would gently pinch my nipples which would send my flying into ecstacy. I would come immediately. I took the rings out before the summer months and they quickly healed over. However, from that time forward, I can make love for hours, until my girlfriend has had enough and wants me to finish. She simply grabs my nipples and I come within seconds.

I am now intersted in genital modifications which would highten the sensitivity and feeling for both myself as well as my partner.

Very Truly Yours, M.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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