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Nipple piercing at Modern American BodyArts

cing at Modern American BodyArts

Nipple piercing at Modern American BodyArts

This is the story of my first piercing in in Brooklyn NY!

For the past month I had the idea of getting my right nipple pierced, don't know why just something I wanted to do. I'd heard that it hurts like hell and I for one am not a person that can deal with pain (I pass out from getting my finger pricked for a blood test). I asked a friend of mine what the procedure was and she scared me a bit, all I could think was that someone is going to STICK A NEEDLE THROUGH MY NIPPLE!

As the days went by I told everyone I knew I was going to do it, I made sure that I told every single person I knew this way I had to do it or I'd look like a fool. Well the days passed into weeks and I couldn't deal with thinking about it anymore. I was having dreams about it, sitting at work thinking about it even walking by the place to see If I would go in and do it, but nothing that I can say to myself would let me do it. My next step was to go on the net and see if there was anything that might be helpful with numbing the pain, I went over to Yahoo, typed in piercing and lotsa stuff came up. As I scanned the list, right there before my eyes Modern American Piercing Services jumped out -- Hey thats the place I was going to go to! I took the link over there and checked out the site. I figured, what the hell, let me send some e-mail to the piercer, Keith Alexander and see if he can help me with my fear and pain issue. A few minutes later I get a response saying "don't worry about it if you blink you'll miss it, i'm that fast". I said to myself, "yeah right how can you miss something like that!". I sent some e-mail back saying I would stop by the shop in a few days, I figured this is another reason that I have to go -- I just told him I'm stopping by! Now I was forced to go!

Well, a few days passed and I had to get up early for work that morning, I was pretty much tired all day and was walking around like a zombie. I think I have some of my best realizations on these days, I said to myself, "ya know it's only one minute out of your whole life, go and do it you'll forget about the pain in a few days". Like a soldier I went to the nearest ATM and then walked a few blocks to the shop. I said to myself you can walk by and do it tomorrow but I knew that if I thought that now, I would think that every time I'd try and go. I had to do it now! As I opened the door and walked in the thought passed through my head, "leave while you still can", but I went up to the counter and said "I was thinking of getting my nipple pierced, I'm the guy that e-mailed you a few days ago but I'm still a little fearful of doing it", and he said "I can't force you to do it, its up to you... but it really isn't that bad". I agreed to do it (at the same time a cold shiver ran down my back).

He started showing me jewelry, but I had no idea what to look at so I basically let him pick it out for me. This was it -- I'm going to do it! I tried to calm down and as I look up on the wall I see a women hanging from 2 hooks from her breasts and at that point I almost walked out. I felt a little dizzy and thoughts of Hellraiser started to pass through my head with Pinhead saying, "I am Pain!". I started to focus myself a little better and removed my shirt nervously. As he started to put something on my nipple I felt my heartbeat in every part of my body and I was throbbing all over. He said, "take some deep breaths and relax." I tried to but the only thought I'm my head was "IDIOT, LEAVE NOW!!!", but I forced it out of my head as I got onto this big chair that reminded me of a dentist chair a bit (I hate the dentist!).

As I sat on the chair and was trying to control my breathing. He said "I'm going to put the clamp on now", I thought back to what my friends said and that it was the worst part. I sat there with my eyes closed and said, "wow, that wasn't so bad just a little uncomfortable". As I sat there with my eyes closed (fearing what I might see If I open them) I knew what the next step was... penetration of the nipple! The moment I feared has arrived! My stomach was in my mouth, my mind thinking of 1000 different things at once, my heart racing. Then all of a sudden I felt a slight amount of pain and I hear "its done" and I said "thats it?" I was shocked; it didn't hurt much at all so I tried to sit up and all of a sudden white flashes appeared before my eyes and I got dizzy. I laid back down for a while and enjoyed the rush. I was still shocked at how much it didn't hurt. It was amazing! And this rush I was getting before and after the piercing was unlike any feeling I have ever had in my life. I loved it. As I took a sip of water and my body started to have feeling again I felt very proud of myself for not leaving. As I hung out getting used to the slight pain I talked to the piercer about his web site and net stuff, it helped relax me a lot.

When I got home I called all my friends an told them I did it! All of them asked who I went with and when I told them I went with myself and they couldn't believe it because I told them how scared I was. I think for me this was an experience that I will remember for my entire life, its more than a piercing now, its a symbol of overcoming my fears and when there is something in my life that I can't do I'll remember that moment I said "thats it?" in the piercing shop.

I know this whole thing makes me sound like a big baby fearing this but wrote it for all those people who walk by the piercing places intending to go in and don't. I hope it give them inspiration.

Peace! Jay! [email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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