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Nipple piercing by Raelyn Gallina

ple piercing by Raelyn Gallina

Newsgroups: rec.arts.bodyart Subject: I got my nipple pierced last Sunday! Date: 24 Nov 1996 04:44:00 GMT

Hello from a long time lurker,

As the subject line mentions, I got my nipple pierced! Thanks to all of you who have posted information on the subject, especially those who joined the barbell/ring debate. I decided to go with a straight barbell (12 ga, sss, 3/4" long.) My nipple, pre-pierce and "at rest" measured 5/16" and I appreciated the extra room the first few days post pierce because my nip was running at about 11/16" and semi-erect. Today, almost a week post-pierce it is holding at a steady 9/16".

The pierce was performed by Raelyn Gallina, a piercer whose bed/chair side manner is GREAT (in my opinion - after the time she spent making me comfortable both for the hood pierce I got from her a year ago, and the nipple pierce Sunday.) On the other hand, her concern with cross-contamination is about as low as I am comfortable with. She is clean, but only uses one pair of gloves/pierce - rather than the two+ pairs I am accustomed to hearing about. She marked and cleaned my nip (the left one, btw.) Then she gloved up and placed the clamp. She lined up the needle and helped me remember my breathing. Said "take a deep breath" and the needle was through (Raelyn pierces with a needle one gauge thicker than the jewelry to be installed so it was an 11 ga needle.) She held up the choice of jewelry to be sure that the fit was as appropriate as we had visualized, then placed the barbell.

Raelyn prefers to pierce nipples with rings, but after a very sensible discussion, in which I reassured her that I knew why I wanted a barbell, and that I understood that I couldn't have one nice and tight to the nipple right away, and that I might wish to buy shorter jewelry after healing, she agreed to go with my choice of a barbell.

What suprised me the most is that this pierce hurt far, far, far LESS than my horizontal hood piercing did (done by Raelyn a year ago.) I figure that the reasons for this are twofold.. 1) I was not nearly so nervous as I was for the hood pierce - that one was my first non-earlobe pierce, and my first time with a needle rather than (sigh) a mall stand with the evil gun of doom, and 2) my nipples are normally not at all sensitive (another sigh..) I am hoping for some help in that area, but so far I haven't noticed any great increase in sensitivity. But the pierce looks GREAT! (and asthetics has always been my primary reason for decoration.)

I am already thinking about getting the other nipple done, stretching my hood pierce from 14 ga to 12 ga, and stretching this newest pierce from 12 ga to 10 ga. It truly is addictive!!

On body mod 2 - My SO, Neil agreed that is was time for him to break down and join the holed-world.. He got his earlobe pierced by Raelyn the same day that I got my nip done. He looks wonderful in his 12 gauge SSS cbr. The fact that he got his left earlobe done is the reason I chose the left nipple on me - it means we can still "spoon" in bed while our healing piercings stay up and hopefully out of the way.

I render sacrifice to the bandwidth gods, Sorry this post got a bit on the long side.


FL Ettlin

============================== "When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem you encounter

tends to resemble a nail." -- unknown --

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on: 01 Jan. 1997
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