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My Christmas Present

Christmas Present

My Christmas Present

After I broke up with a girl who ended up stealing around $1000 from me, I decided to get my ear pierced. For me, the best form of revenge is to have a fabulous life and an ear ring was the subtle symbol that I was looking for to let her know that I had moved on. Besides, I thought that they were reasonably cool and that it would look good on me.

So anyway, no big deal, I went and got my left ear pierced in March 1996. Soon after that I got access to the fabulous internet though work. One day surfing the net, I thought I'd go looking for some information on piercing. I had been pretty happy with my ear ring, despite the mild infection I had for the first six months, and thought about going a bit further. I love playing with my ear ring and thought "wouldn't it be good to be able to play with a nipple ring as well". The thought of having someone else sucking on it and tugging it solidified my decision.

So after dwelling on it for a few months, reading about people's experiences in BME, seeing some of the photos of pierced nipples (among other things) and then talking about it with my unpierced friends, I thought - "okay Christmas time". After checking out a few places, I decided to go with a shop in Stones Corner in my home town of Brisbane, Australia. Basically price was the main consideration - with them I was able to get a 14 carat (so they said) gold ring for the same price as a stainless steel one from another place.

So Christmas eve I rock up with my much disgusted sister. The guy, Andre, was too busy to even look at me because he was tattooing some other guy's shoulder. After ten minutes of standing at the door, he finally acknowledged me and said that he wouldn't be too long. When he had finished he told me to come in. He was getting all these implements out, threw down a stainless steel ring and asked me to lie down. I slowed him down. "Hang on a sec, can you just tell me what the procedure is?"

He said "well yes, but I'll explain it as we go along".

"Hang on, can you tell me how much a gold ring would be?"

"Well a 9 carat gold ring is $80 including the piercing." He said.

"I've heard that 9 carat is not pure enough to put through a piercing and that there is an increased chance of infection?"

"Well it depends on your body, but we can do a 14 carat for $90." He replied.

"Okay let's go with that."

I must say here that I am thankful that I read about other's experiences in BME and talk to the lady in The Piercing Shop in Brisbane city. I generally knew what questions to ask and what to expect because this guy wasn't giving anything away. He had explained to me that it was better that I didn't hear too much about the process beforehand because I might chicken out. After having gone through a nightmare in hospital where doctors and nurses were shoving needles in my arm with little explanation as to why or why for (and where I ended up having my rib removed), I really want to know what the hell goes on before you touch me.

So down I lay with my shirt off. Andre had marked my right nipple with a pen. He clamped the nipple, I took a deep breath and he pushed the needle through. I must admit that the experience was not as painful as I expected. Then again, I had about a million needles shoved into me when I was in hospital so I was not that afraid of them. I looked down to see a little plastic tube going through my nipple. Then Andre started pushing the ring through the tube and then removed the tube. I gasped at the sting of the intruder but it was over in five seconds. I looked down and there it was - gold ring through right nipple.

There was a small spot of blood and it was reasonably crusty and pussy for a while after. I was constantly swabbing it with dettol. However, everytime I put vitamin E cream on it (i thought it would help with the healing) it got infected. So I switched to a antiseptic cream called benpathen which nursing mothers use for "nipple care". This has kept it very clean and I am very pleased with the healing process. The ring stuck out at right angles for a few days but wearing shirts pushed it against my chest and stretched the hole. My mum went nuts when she saw it (she was totally spun out but not angry or anything). I spun the rest of the family out when I went swimming on Christmas day.

Now, two weeks later, it sits reasonable flat. I am not 100% happy with the positioning - it is a bit uneven and doesn't go real close to the nobbly bit of my nip but I still love playing with it and it looks great.

So if you are thinking of getting your nipple or anything else pierced, here is what I recommend. Find out about the procedure first - read BME, ask a few piercers or piercees. If you find some discrepancies from a recommended procedure, ask them why. Despite his reluctance to tell me what was going to happen, I had confidence that Andre knew what he was doing. If I didn't, I probably would have backed out regardless of cost. Also, don't worry too much about the pain - it only hurts for a little while (definitely less than a minute) - but its like being on the brink of the ultimate pleasure and god do you feel good that you had the balls (or ovaries) to go through with it.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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