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Nipple Piercing Experience at Bodyworks

ple Piercing Experience at Bodyworks

Nipple Piercing Experience By Russ ([email protected])

3rd January 1997

Wow! I've just got back from having my nipple pierced, and I couldn't wait to pass on the experience. I've been thinking about getting my nipple pierced for a while now, as I've always enjoyed it when my girlfriend would play with them, and getting one of them pierced always seemed like a good idea.... But, I'm a mere beginner at this piercing lark, the only other piercing I've had done before now by the proper piercing method was a tragus piercing in my left ear I had done a couple of months ago. These are in addition to the three earlobe piercings and a nostril piercing I had done by the good ol' gun method (not) in the local chemists!

Well, I was originally planning to go and get my nipple pierced with some friends who were also going to get some piercings done, to get some moral support. But they've all been ill with this nasty 'flu that's been going around recently (we've already had to change our plans twice!), and today, I just decided that I didn't want to wait any more!

Most of the places which do piercings around here tend to be tattooists who do the piercing as a sideline. There are a few better known proper piercing clinics as well (including Patrick at The London Piercing Clinic), but the most local to me is a new clinic called Bodyworks. The main piercer here is Gary Scott, who has been piercing for several years on a part-time basis, and has recently gone full-time and opened his own clinic.

I went down there basically on a whim. I went in there, and after browsing around, looking at the jewellery, I asked him to do it for me. I then had to sign the permission form, and got told all about such things as aftercare, how much it hurt and what jewellery to choose. I chose a small stainless steel barbell (10mm long, 1.6mm thick, with 4mm balls on each end) for the piercing. Apparently when the piercing is done with a barbell, it heals a bit more quickly and has less chance of migration. The downside is it's a bit more difficult to clean. Gary caters particularly well for people (like me!) who aren't into the painful, shamanistic side of the piercing experience, as he uses injected local anaesthetic (the same stuff you get when you get a filling at the dentist's). A tiny little needle, but it's attached to a rather scary looking large stainless steel syringe!

Anyway, I was taken into his piercing room, complete with old-fashioned dentist's chair. He cleaned around my nipple with antiseptic, and then gave me a shot of anaesthetic in my nipple. Now, that did hurt a bit, but not too badly, and it only lasted a couple of seconds. After waiting a couple of minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect, he done the piercing, and I was relieved that I didn't feel a thing during this bit, as the needle was rather big! He then inserted the barbell into the end of the needle and passed it back through the piercing. I must say that I did bleed quite a bit, but this subsided fairly quickly. I was then handed a mirror to inspect my new piercing. And... I LOVE IT!

This was about two hours ago - the anaesthetic has worn off now, and it's slightly swollen and a bit sore, but it looks great! The hard bit is deciding what to get done next! It's pretty addictive, this piercing thing!

If you live in the South London area, I can thoroughly recommend Bodyworks for good, clean and surprisingly painless service! From what I have read on BME before, I was expecting something much worse, but it was OK. If you're thinking about getting your nipples pierced, go for it!

Love, Russ London, UK

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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