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Nipple piercing experience at Body Accents

ple piercing experience at Body Accents

Nipple piercing experience at Body Accents

I have been an avid visitor of BME ever since my friend gave me the URL (when it was still at the other server). Visiting BME frequently provided me outlook of unique body art, and information that is helpful and interesting.

I have always wanted a tattoo (have yet to get one, though... Don't know exactly what I want), but it was only recently that I decided to get both my nipples pierced.

  1. The Decision

I started talking to a girl at work about piercings and body mod, and she mentioned that she wanted to get her tongue pierced. I told her, after several hours of debate, that if she ever went to have it done, I'd go with her as "moral support," and have both my nipples done... I had mentioned to her that was the piercing that I was considering...

  1. The Place

I live several minutes south of Indianapolis, but I still am able to read Nuvo Newsweekly, a free publication, that has a lot of advertisements. Among these ads, and it is published EVERY week, was for a body mod studio called Body Accents. I had heard about SkinQuake, but not this place until I started reading Nuvo. The girl I went with gave the place a call, and asked some questions: Appointment? How much? Jewelry? Blahblahblah... After her questions were answered, she told me that she WAS going to do it. We were both off the next day, so we decided to go for it that next day.

  1. The Next 24 Hours

When I got home from work that day (pumping with adrenaline, mind you), I immediately visited BME. I read every experience and FAQ about nipple piercings I could. You could say that I knew as much about it without having them! I was so excited, because I had been debating whether to do it or not, and here I was, joining the body mod ranks.

The next day we drove to Body Accents (located along North College Avenue in Broad Ripple), and signed-in. I had butterflies in my stomach, and my heart was thumping, but compared to most, I was pretty relaxed. One of the guys that worked behind the front desk took a look at both my nipples and showed me the jewelry I could choose. All of them were 14 gauge, and I selected a turquoise blue (niobium) ring, with a dark olive bead... Very cool.

The girl I went with waited to sign up for the tongue piercing, because I hadn't had anything to eat that day, so one of the guys at the studio told me to get something to eat (it raises your blood sugar level). I obliged, and went across the street to grab a sandwhich.

I came back, and minutes later, I'm in the piercing room.

  1. The Procedure

The piercer (Ken, I think was his name) told me exactly what he was about to do, and asked me if I had any questions before he started. I said, no, so he began the procedure.

First they clean your nipples with several bacteria-fighting agents, making sure infection is improbable. Next, they mark your nipples with a felt-tip pen to ensure accuracy...

He then laid me down on the table, and told me to focus on deep breathing. He told me exactly what he was about to do, since I had my eyes closed. I am not scared at being poked with needles, but they're not exactly attractive looking.

He then clamped my nipple to make sure that the needle goes through the marks... The clamp is a slight pinch, nothing much. He then made me take three deep breaths, and POKE... My nipple was pierced (My God, that wasn't bad at all, I thought). One more deep breath, and the jewelry was in. I will be honest: With the jewelry in, and the clamp still on, it DOES hurt a little. When he took the clamp off, however, there's nothing to it.

  1. Present Day

I couldn't be happier. Cleaning the piercing sounded to me like a pain in the neck, but it's easy, and only takes a few minutes out of my day.

I recommend to any guy who wants to pierce their nipples to go for it. They look great, and there are certain ladies out there who just melt upon seeing them.

p.s. The girl who got her tongue pierced said to me that it didn't hurt one bit... My piercing was fairly expensive, but it's worth it.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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