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Nipple piercing at Jock's Studio

ple piercing at Jock's Studio

Nipple piercing at Jock's Studio

Last October (of 96), I had my nipples pierced. I have been interested in piercing for many years, but only in the last two have I achieved the level of maturity needed to allow myself to actually do this. It's now February of 97, and I couldn't be more pleased with them. Here's my experience of October 12, 1996. It took place the day after my coming out. (I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. And I didn't plan on coming out on "National Coming Out Day", either. Again, it just happened.)

We got to Jock's studio (in Minneapolis, MN) at about 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon. I had set up the appointment with him a couple of weeks before. There were four of us there, two to be pierced, and two spectators. (Incidentally, we were three gay men and one straight woman. Boy, did she get an education...) I went first, as I was the big production. (Frank was just getting a couple of earrings.)

First, I had Jock change my Prince Albert jewelry from 12 ga. to 8 ga. It's a big heavy ring, and I'm rather pleased with it. That was fun, because I got to drop my pants in front of Anne. (I have no shame...) She was a little embarrassed, but looked anyway. I have since teased her about her showing me her labia, since she got to see my penis. :-)

Then the big show, the nipples. I had originally talked to Jock about piercing at 10 ga. He said that he had done nipples at 10 ga., but that most people were scared off by the size of the needles. He got out the needles, both 10 ga. and 12 ga., and no lie, those 10's were big. Bigger than the lead in a pencil. But they didn't look too awful, so I said "go with the 10's".

After some cleaning with Betadine, Jock marked the entry and exit points on each nipple. He took his time, and made sure they were straight and level, even using calipers to make the distances the same on both. Miles was a big help here, as he could see that they weren't quite level at one point. But a little adjusting, and they were good.

More cleaning, and I sat down in a wheelchair. He probably has it so he can dump the fainters into the street. :-) Jock got out the forceps he needed, and antibacterial ointment, and other bits that he needed, and got them all lined up. One last cleaning, and it was time.

My right nipple was clamped in a special pair of forceps that have flat rings at the end, so the nipple is pinched between the two rings. Jock was very careful to line up the marks so that the piercing would be straight. The clamp was kinda uncomfortable, but not bad. He got the needle he needed, and a cork. The needle had a big glob of the ointment on it. He got lined up, and I started doing deep breathing. He asked me if I wanted to tell him when, and I said to just do it when he felt it was right. On a random exhale, he pushed the needle through.

The pain was very sharp, pretty heavy, and seemed to last about three seconds. I have no idea if that was accurate, but that's the time interval I felt. I could feel him loosen the clamp, but I didn't look down. I knew what I would see. Wasn't scared of it, but I was busy feeling my heart race a bit. He took the ring and pushed the needle through with the end of the ring. The ring had had the ends pulled apart, so that the ring was like a spiral. That bit was a little sore, but nothing like the actual piercing. Incidentally, the needle is a hollow one, with a beveled cutting surface on it. It doesn't puncture, it slices. Much cleaner that way.

I looked down, and there was a twisted piece of metal sticking out of my nipple. I was getting a bit of a head rush, but not bad. Then he did the left nipple.

I thought the first one had hurt. On the second, even the CLAMP hurt. I think it's one of those things where your body gets very sensitive after a bad trauma. He put that clamp on, and I thought, ouch, that hurts! Then we did the same procedure with the needle. This time, my breathing turned into gasping, and I shuddered a bit. That second one hurt like bloody hell. He couldn't get that one done fast enough to please me.

The ring insertion was no big deal, though not a lot of fun. Then he twisted the rings back into shape, and snapped a bead between the ends. (They're called Captive Bead Rings, because a bead is held in place between the two ends. If I want to take them out, I pop the bead out, and the ends are free.) He managed to pinch his finger while snapping one in, and hopped a bit in pain. No sympathy from me. :-)

By this time, I was getting a major endorphine rush. Wow, what a high. I looked down, and saw two silver-colored rings standing straight out from my nipples. So very cool.

I also downed a fair amount of water, which Jock dutifully handed me. He's a very cool guy, and is careful to treat his customers well. And he's fun to talk to.

Since then, they've been tender. For the first couple of hours they were REALLY tender, but have since settled down. Also, all of yesterday they stood straight out, from the surrounding tissue clenching down on them. They have since started to droop a little, and within a couple of months they ought to be hanging straight down like they should. In the process my nipples will grow outward to accommodate them.

Sleeping last night was a trick. I like to sleep on my stomach or my side, and right now I pretty much have to sleep on my back. So I was kind of hit and miss all night. But I did get a good sleep, and feel pretty good today. And I've got a tighter shirt on. Yesterday I had a very loose tank top, which helped, but still I had trouble with the fabric rubbing against them. And I have to be very careful not to bump them with anything, or I go "ouch". Getting in and out of cars is a trick. :-)

So there you have it. I'm pierced, sore, gay, happy. And through some inadvertant timing, I have something special to mark my coming out. What a weekend.

Keith Hopkins [email protected] "Your food, housing, insecurity will be guaranteed by your Department of Redundancy Department, and the Natural Guard."

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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