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Nipple @ Inkslinger's Ball '95

ple @ Inkslinger's Ball '95

Nipple @ Inkslinger's Ball '95

My nipple piercing experience at the '95 inkslingers ball went like this. My wife and I have been into tattoos for some time now so we were following the shows and conventions on the west coast. We went to the ball to enter my backpiece in the black and grey show. I have appox. 75 hours of tattoo work know but still had no piercings.

We got there early so we went to look at the other artists and piercers set-up at the ball, it is a big show with people from all over the world they all have booths set-up to show thier work, flash, jewelery, ect. We have a lot of fun at these shows because you get to meet all types of people and view there work up close. The competion was going to be tough with over 75 contestants just in the black and grey catigory, so my wife said that a nipple piercing might set off my mermaid tattoo on my chest and help close the gap in the competion.

A friend of mine was also there and said he would buy me this anchor to go with it. I liked the idea but was not sure what to think of it and decided to wait and look around some more. I was still a little worried about the pain factor and started pinching my nipple to see if I could handle the pain, my friend said that the clamp was the worst part. In the mean time we ran into a friend we always run into at these shows [SUNDAY BOB]. He got the name because he always gets tattooed on sundays, and I started to talked to him about it and he showed me his piercings both nipples done with about 10 ga. and he said go for it the pain is intense but only last a secound and he agreed with the others that the anchor would be a good touch.

At that I started to look at jewelry and tryed to build up my courage. About this time I started joking with my wife and said if you do it I will too. She laughed and said ok. Now I was had, no turning back know she said she would do her navel if I did my nipple first, I said you first and she agreed again I'm stuck now no turning back. With that we decided to look at jewelry and go find Christine a professional piercer who was also at the ball and talk to her about doing the deed for us. About this Bud came back and said alright lets use my motor home as a place to do the piercings and Christine agreed because she was just a spectator like us. She said pick out some jewelry 12ga. So there would be less chance of migration after the piercing and meet her out in the motor home in 30 minutes we agreed and went to pick out our jewelry.

There where lots of venders and it made it easy to pick stuff out. We both picked captive bead rings 12 ga. 5/8 dia. and headed for the motor home. We got to the motor home and there was a small party going on and we told them what was going on and they all wanted to watch the deed the tension was building so I decvided to have a couple of drinks to help me cool down this is uncommon since I do not drink and before I could get one down there was a knock on the door it was Christine with a smile she said ready? and we both said yes and she said who is first me or my wife Sue? We both said Sue and she started to prep Sue for her piercing, about this time people where getting a better seat so they could see and watch but before I knew it the needle was already though my wifes navel not a flinch on her part but now I knew I was up.

About this time Bud shows up with the anchor he promised it was way to big seemed like a pound of silver to much for a new piercing, Christine Laughed and said no way lucky for me but now it was my turn Christine had me stand up so she could mark the spots on my nipple where the ring was going to be and asked me to look at the position to see if it was alright with me. I had a look in the mirror and said ok lets do it, and with that she cleaned my nipple and carefully placed her clamp on so she could she both the entry and exit marks on my nipple this hurt a bit but not as bad as I expected. Now its time for the actual piercing, Christine gave me a few breathing exersises to do breath in then out then in and she would pierce my nipple on my exhale so on we went in then out in out and there it was I now had a needle going though my nipple what a rush I was now pierced. Looking at my nipple now was quite an experience I was high on a endorfine rush I felt flush but good I had done it what a releive now it was time for the ring Christine already had it preped with some vasaline backed it up to the needle and slid it though my nipple it hurt a little but not bad what a happy camper now I paid Christine tipped her and we both thanked her for her service, we had to run 10 minutes to show time.

Two weeks later we went to see Christine again this time it was Bud's turn we had him so worked up that when Christine pierced his nipple and he passed out like a light he came to soon and we were on our way. Well thats it for my nipple piercing experience maybe I will do some thing else in the future, like my other nipple so I can wear a chain between my nipples and attach it to my anchor it still would be a good look.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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