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Horrible Nipple expierience & re-pierce @ London Piercing Clinic

rible Nipple expierience & re-pierce @ London Piercing Clinic

Horrible Nipple expierience & re-pierce @ London Piercing Clinic

I was always interested in Body adornments, and after a lot of "do I really want it?" finally decided to have my nipples pierced about 3 years ago. I had it done by my then local tattooist, a woman who had done some excellent, very professional work on me and whom I trusted to be able to perform a good piercing as well. Unfortunately, she was a much worse piercer then she is a tattooist, and from what people told me later made the piercings far too long and also used inapropriate jewellery (to her credit it has to be said that she since gave up piercing but continues to turn out the most amazing tattoos). The piercing itself was also quite painful and there was some bleeding, I'd say she was working very slow in order to get it right.

Afterwards, it seemed the piercings would never heal, even though I followed all aftercare instructions to the letter. As soon as healing set in, the piercings started bleeding again, or formed huge scabs. A more expierienced piercer adviced me to change to barbells instead of CBR's, but without success. It went on this way for nearly one year, when I finally lost patience and removed the jewellery alltogether.

However, I still wanted to have pierced nipples and so made an appointment with Patrick of the London Piercing Clinic. He did a highly professional job, piercing freehand under local anaesthetic, which was completely painless! Even the syringe used for the anaestetic injection had such a small gauge needle that I hardly felt anything. Patrick inserted a pair of titanium CBR's, and there was no blood at all.

Three weeks into the healing, scabs stopped appearing almost completely, and the only discomfort is a slight oversensitivity of the nipples. All I did for aftercare was to clean the piercings regulary, using salty water and then apply a small quantity of dilute tea tree oil supplied by Patrick. I'm very happy with my piercings, and the next ones (genital) are in planning!

Yours, B.M.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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