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Biker Nipple

er Nipple

I used to have access but I guess the rules change (understandably)so here is my experience on paper to serve as a submission.

I have always wanted to get my nipple done. I am a Harley rider and frequent the 'Biker" scene and thought it (nipple piercing) looked cool.

I turned 31 last June (1996) and fighured I would treat myself to the pierce. I made and appointment at "Experience the Beauty" in wintery Winnipeg.

A guy from work and his wife wanted to come and watch as the wife was thinking about getting hers done and wanted to see how it was done and check the shop.

Everything was pretty cool, the cleanliness of the tools, needles and jewelry was stressed throughout the procedure.

My nipples were pretty small so it took a few tries to get the guide marks straight. Then came the forceps to clamp and extend the nipple. This part was probably the most uncomforatable of the entire experience.

I was asked to take a deep breath and it was done. I experienced a small poke but that was it. I have many tattoos and have to say that tattooing is far more painfull.

When asked what I planned on "doing" with my piercing I stated, "Just to look at." Now that I ahve it I find that the captive bead ring serves far more than "Just looking at" functions.

I plan to get the other nipple done soon, and my wife is thinking about doing the same.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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