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Bad piercing experience...

piercing experience...

Bad piercing experience...

I had a bad piercing experience. I was at a tent during a bazar (spelling?), and they were offering $25.00 nipple piercings. I thought, what the hell and decided to bite the bullet and take it. I walked into the back of the tent with the piercing "specialist" (I use the term lightly) and was shown a variety of rings that I could choose from. I chose a small gauge silver wire with a small bead on it. I thought, "Hey, if I don't like it, I can take it out."

The piercing itself was rather painful with no topical anesthetic and when it was over, I unclenched my fists and began to cry. Needless to say, I was afraid that I had made a foolish decision. I got over it, and we went on through the bazar. When I got home, I surprised my husband with my new addition. He was really shocked that I, miss-I-can't-stand-pain would go through with that for him and all was well. I changed my mind. It wasn't a foolish thing to do after all.

About 2 days after I had the piercing done I was noticing a large quantity of yellowish green fluid leaking from my nipple. Now, I know there would be some seepage, and some blood, but this was really horrible. It was red and enlarged and smelled bad. I freaked out and went to my husband and he said we were going to the doctor RIGHT NOW!

When the Emergency room doctor saw it, he simply shook his head and told me that a nurse would be in to discuss how this happened before he came back to take care of me. I was about to die. I was so embarassed! I thought I'd just get a shot and it'd be all cleared up. The nurse was appaled that I would do this to myself and I said, "No, I had it done from a booth in the bazar that was here a few days ago..."

She informed me that they have had 6 other people in there in the past few days with the same story. THey were all pierced either wrong, or with jewelry that proved NOT to be silver or gold! [Note: Silver is not an appropriate material for body piercing -ed.] I was really scared at this point after hearing so many horror stories about things like this. After 9 hours in the emergency room and with countless stitches later, I now have a story to tell everyone. BEWARE! If you want to get piercings done, by allmeans go to a shop that specializes in it! I saw no credentials and had no special instructions for care. If I had just looked past the price and went to the pro's, maybe they wouldn't have had to remove my left nipple. It is now very uncomfortable for me and I am scarred for life. Remember. GO TO THE PRO'S!


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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