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Nipple Piercing @ Universal

ple Piercing @ Universal

I don't know why exactly I decided to get my nipple pierced. I'd always been casually interested in piercing, but hadn't ventured any further than a couple of holes in the earlobe (done with...boo, hiss...the gun). At one time a friend had put a stud through the cartiledge in my upper ear, but I took it out after a few months. I'd been thinking about getting another hole or two put in my body, but I knew it couldn't be too visible, as I'm constantly dealing with rather conservative types here in Hollywood.

Anyway, while visiting Ottawa over Christmas, a friend of mine showed me the nipple that he'd recently had done, and in a burst of caving to peer pressure (actually, he didn't pressure me at all) I decided I'd have the same done. He directed me to Universal Tattoo & Piercing on Rideau St., and the day before I flew back out to Cali, I went down to have it done.

Universal is apparently mostly tattooing, with just one person who pierces. Juliette was a bit late that day for whatever reason, so I left and came back a while later to find myself third in line. I paid, signed the release and sat back to wait and question my decision.

Finally, Juliette appeared and showed me into the back room. She immediately put me at ease, partly by her friendly manner, but also by the fact that she had several piercings herself that looked great, particularly the one through the bridge of her nose. I took my shirt off and stood up to let her disinfect and then mark either side of the nipple. I'd heard that the clamp was the worst part, and was surprised to discover that it barely hurt at all, and I'm very sensitive to pain (and still the interest in piercing--who knows?). I averted my eyes, as I knew I might well freak out (or back out) if I had to see the needle actually penetrate the flesh.

Juliette went to work After Juliette showed me the brand-new needle still in its wrapping--more putting my mind at ease--I took a deep breath and she went to work. The initial penetration wasn't so bad, then it started to hurt. The sting was harsh, and I remember letting out a moan/grunt of pain while the needle passed through. The ring going through was even worse. I had to fight the urge to swat her hands away and yank it out. Then all of a sudden, there was no more pain. The ring was in, and Juliette was attaching the bead. I looked down to see my new jewellery and thought: "Man, that looks cool."

Juliette gave me a photocopied page of aftercare instructions and took the time to answer a few more questions I had about the ring. I tipped her (she really deserved it) and left, heading immediately to a drugstore to buy Baciguent and antibacterial soap. That night, there was a bit of a bloody crust around the holes, and this occured again the next morning and the following night. But I followed the aftercare instructions and the only subsequent inconvenience was a mild itch as it healed.

I really recommend a nipple ring for anyone interested in any piercings more exotic than the ears. It looks great, it feels wonderful (you'll go nuts with joy the first really cold day you experience afterwards) and it's hidden, a little secret expression of coolness. And if you're in Ottawa, Universal's the place to go.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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