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My self peircings story

self peircings story

When I was 15 I thought I would like to pierce my nipple and I did, just like that a moment of thought and blammo the next thing I know I had done it with a saftey pin. Little did I know I should have planned it better and get more info about it cause I didn't tape it down or anything so about 4:00 am I awoke almost screaming in pain cause I sleep on my stomach and during my rest I had moved wrong and irritated my new piercing.

I took it out so I could sleep (I had no clue if that kind of piercing could actually be done cause I had heard nothing about that kind of piercing I had thought I did something new.) and that was the first time I tried.

After a night of drinking with my friends and they had left I had some strange idea that I was gonna do it right and good this time. I took the saftey pin and soaked it in alcahol and then cleaned the area arround where my new piercing was to be and then placed the pin right where I was gonna do it and pressed with all my might and "Voila" it was done I had a new nipple piercing in my chest and I decided that I had done one and might as well do the other so I wouldn't have to go through the healing process twice so I did the other one just the same as the other.

(NOTE: this time I knew that I was supposed to tape it down to sleep as not to irritate the new piercing)

The next day I decided that I nedded some jewelry to put in my piercing cause the saftey pin was not made for that sort of thing so I went to a head shop I shop at and picked a couple of nice CBR's and went back to put in my new jewelry what I hadn't anticipated was that I had pierced my nipples with a small saftey pin and that the jewelry was slightly larger (18ga jewelry) so I had to basically re-pierce my nipples so I could put in my CBR's so I did...that was the most painful experience I had done to myself I almost passed out and was sweating like a pig and a little blood. finally I had done it and had my jewelry in and I was happy with what I had done.

After I showed a few people I was pondering where I might want a new piercing and that would look as good as my nipples I decided that I wanted to do my eyebrows so after a couple of days thinking I decided that that is exactly what I wanted and would look good too so I went out and got some large guage needles (18ga-12ga needles) at the nearest drug store as well as some bentadine. A girl I knew wanted me to do her second ear holes and I did before I did myself...good thinking cause I had purchased a small guage CBR (16ga) and the piercing was too big for that jewelry so I again had to visit the head shop but this time I had a huge curved 14 guage needle hanging from my eyebrow and get a barbell so I could finish my job I had started myself on.

When I had got home with my new jewelry I knew there was gonna be some struggle with the needle coming out cause I had to leave in the process to get the jewelry so I had asked my friend to help me take out the needle while the same time threading the new barbell in, that was a struggle and a half cause my eyebrow didn't want to give up the needle so we employed the needle nose pliers to help us after a few minutes and alot of struggling I had in my new barbell and was in a small amount of pain. I smoked a joint and got drunk then after a few hours I decided that I wanted to do the other side (bad move cause all of us were drunk) so again I used the same needle and my friend threaded the CBR that I had for the first one and after all that I had one barbell in on my right eyebrow and a small CBR in my left but alas I was done for now. it has been about two weeks and they don't really bother me and seem to be healing quite nicely! (NOTE: the only problem I had with this piercing was getting the jewelry to pass through the same hole that the needle made and I had to re pierce the bottom part to get the exit hole in line with the jewelry..talk about hassle)

I would like to say that some piercings are dangerous and should be done by a professional should you decide to do one yourself make shure you really want it and it won't be a danger (snagging, tearing, jarring) I am a firm beliver in the self piercing and to experience each pierce to its fullest I belive you should do it youreself but be careful I took to many risks and piercing should be done for youreself and NOT for an image or trend. I have never paid for a pierce or tatoo and they have turned out good but this is not always the case, this story was just of my experience and is not the sane way to do any BODMOD, anyway have fun and BE CAREFUL!!!!

-Anarchist, [email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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