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Self Nipple Piercing Experince

f Nipple Piercing Experince

I'm a forty-two year old married man. For the last twenty-some years I have worn a pair of gold rings in my nipples. About five years ago a matching pair of gold rings was inserted into the head of my penis; one on top in a Reverse PA, the other in a conventional PA. Just last year a single gold ring took its place in a piercing that enters from the front and exits from the back of my scrotum.

For as long as I could remember I had fantasized about being pierced. As a kid, I would fantasize about it as I took the spring-loaded clasp from a necklace and place it on my nipple, scrotum, or penis. I could imagine how it would feel to have a needle pressed completely through the tender flesh. How the weight and constant stimulation from the rings would feel. Twenty-some years ago, I started to make my fantasy into a reality. I pierced each of my nipples and placed a gold ring in each one.

This was before the days of the local body piercing shop. Hell, I thought I was the only one who had such desires. In those days you would have been considered more than a little strange if you had you ears pierced, let alone the more intimate parts of your body.

The tools of the trade that day was a simple sewing needle, and determination. I pressed the pointed end of the needle to tender flesh of my left nipple and started pushing. It hurt like hell, but I was determined to see it through. I pushed harder. It hurt. I could feel the needle popping through a layer of tissue then the going got easier. I took a break as the needle exited my nipple on the opposite side.

It was done. I had finally done it! My nipple was pierced. I remember that there was a burning sensation as the widening needle was pushed through the tender nub of my left nipple.

The hard part was done, so I thought. I pulled the needle from my nipple and started trying to insert the ring. It wouldn't go. No matter how I tried, it just wouldn't go. I must have played with it for nearly an hour, when suddenly, it just slipped right through. One down, one to go. Having, learned some things from the first piercing, the second went a lot easier. I still had a bit of trouble getting the ring in after the needle had been pulled through, but not as much as the first one.

I was done. Both nipples had been pierced and now sported shiny gold rings. I was fairly pleased with the look, However I wished that I had gotten the placement of the piercing a bit deeper. I lived with the rings for about five years, before I decided to redo them, this time getting the placement right. I still had never heard of piercing shops, so once again I assembled my tools. This time I would use a larger gauge needle, a cork, and a small pair of locking pliers.

I removed the rings from my nipples. I then placed the blunt end of the needle into the jaws of the pliers and clamped it down tightly on the needle. This gave me a much need handle and made the deeper piercing much easier to accomplish. Having cleaned the area of the piercing I pressed the needle into my nipple. Once again it hurt. I continued to press the needle into my flesh until I could see a small bump on the other side where it would exit. Using this as an exit guide, and being pleased with the entry, exit and horizontal placement, I held the cork to exit-side of my nipple, and pressed the needle through and into the cork. I rested at this point, then pushed the needle completely through my nipple. This time the burning sensation was much more so as the larger gauge needle forced the opening in tender skin and tissue to expand to accommodate its girth. This time the gold ring slipped through the piercing without any trouble, on the first try.

I looked at the placement of the piercing and was well pleased with the results. The other nipple was pierced in a similar manner and its placement turned out to be good also. Since that time I have never gone for more than a few hours without having the golden rings in.

I also performed the penis and scrotum piercing on myself. The tools were the same as the ones used on my nipples. But that's another story for another time.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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