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Nipple by Muff

ple by Muff

Hello. I had my nipple pierced last summer on the day that I was due to go on holiday to Majorca. I figured that a week in the sun and with regular swims in the sea it would probably get a good start healing. Well I went to my local tattoo/piercing studio in Brownhills in the West Midlands where I'd already had a tattoo done a couple of months previously. Muff, the tattooist and piercer, said he could fit me in right away. So, I hopped up onto the reclining leather chair and took off my t-shirt. He clamped up my right nipple, which was a bit troublesome as the actual nipple kept going inwards as he closed the clamp but we eventually managed to get enough into it. He got out a brand new needle and bam the next thing I know I've got a 3inch long needle poking through my nipple. This was probably the scariest part of the whole experience - looking down to see the needle right through my nipple with a little drop of blood running down out of the exit hole. It felt a lot better as soon as he'd got the CBR through as it relieved a lot of the pressure. I was bandaged up and went on my merry way, picking up a tub of Sudocrem and some cotton buds on my way home.

Whilst on holiday my new piercing didn't cause me any trouble at all. Cleaning it in the shower every morning and night and soaks in the sea seemed to do it a lot of good. Many people have said that it's a bit risky getting a new piercing in the sea but mine was fine - although I suppose it really depends on what other contamination is in the water where you are swimming.

3 months later and my nipple seemed to be OK but it wasn't healing as well as I'd hoped. I got the bead ring caught a few times and on a number of occasions as it got turned round it brought out the inner tunnel of flesh with it, therefore having to start the healing process almost from scratch. After getting a nasty bang whilst playing football (soccer) and losing the bead from the ring I decided to switch to a barbell. The barbell has been much better and I've had that in for 5 months now. Sometimes if I don't stick to a regular cleaning and moisturising schedule it can still get a bit sore and I still occasionally get crusties. If anyone has got any tips on how to get a nipple to finally heal I'd be very grateful as I don't want to give up on it now. At the moment I soak it in salt water and apply moisturiser which seems to keep it in check but if I forget to do it for a couple of days it will become sore again.

Well that's it for now -- I intend to get my tongue and eyebrow pierced in a month or two and in the mean time I'm in the middle of having my largest tattoo to date which is a black tribal pattern that starts between my shoulder blades and runs down my spine (ouch!!). - Pictures coming soon. My e-mail address is: [email protected] just in case anyone feels like giving me advice on getting this nipple finally healed.

cheers all!!


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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