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Couple's nipple + outer labia experience

ple's nipple + outer labia experience

Hi, I am a 19 year old college student taking a social working couse. I stumbled upon this page and just love the stuf you have up.. of course I would love to have a membership for this site...

All I have to offer at the present is what I have been through in regards to mine and my husbands piercings.

Two summers ago we were walking around a local town, we're pretty much out in the boonies, so we were amazed that we found a little piercing and tatoo parlour. Nothing like that exists round here.. we were amazed. We kinda looked at each other and ran in the shop.. The only thing that was hard to do was decide what to get pierced and who goes first. The lady that helped us out was very kind, and somewhat professional. At the time I thought she was but have since realized that she didn't really know what she was doing, she just had the tools.

So after some careful deliberation, he decided to get one of his nipples done as I have a nipple fetish and I decided to get my left outer labia pierced. She said she had never done a clit piercing before so I went with the safest I felt area of myself. J decided that he would go first to show me how painless it is. HA.. she disinfected and clamped his nipple then marked it for insertion. It went through fairly fast and he got really quiet. His face turned sheet white and he started to gasp for air. He was getting really faint and natious. He fainted even though he was sitting down. When he recovered he hovered a garbage can for 15 min or so.. I guess the adrenaline rush got to him.

So, I was up next.. I was too excited to let his sickness stop me. After he was conscious and feeling more lively.. it was my turn. I jumped up on the chair dropped my pants and got ready to get sick. She went through the same procedure with me, the cleaning and marking and so on. She clamped me and pierced me. It felt somwhat like a hard bite, but not nearly as bad as I thought after my husbands reaction. After she put the hoop in I jumped up and tended to my husband who was recovering well. The healing process for me went so fast .. three days. where he took 2 weeks but didn't follow aftercare insstructions as well as he should have. All and all I wouldn't give my piercing up fr the world.

2 weeks after we got it done we confided to close friends about them and went back with them the next day. They are a couple and each wanted one. The male got a guiche and she got a triangle piercing through her hood. They didn't take long to heal and love their piercings. They have been back a few times since.

I am now contemplating nipple piercings but am afraid it might show through my shirts or blouses as I work at a school and as a manager for a charity as well as school and my husband. well I don't know if he's contemplating it but I have a fascination of those frenum piercings. He is getting his other nipple done somtime soon. He's just hesitant because he didn't enjoy getting sick but is certain it is worth the pain.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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