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Two Single Moms' Piercings

Single Moms' Piercings

Our story doesn't start out with any flair and fauna like some do, We are just two single moms who thought we would do something a little "different" for a change.

For a few months Lori and I had discussed getting various piercings, which we would like best, and where we would like it the best. I decided on getting my left nipple pierced and Lori on getting her belly button pierced. We also were considering getting tattoos to compliment our piercings. So upon the final decision of where we would get our piercings, we needed to find "The Place" to do them. Living in Madison, Wisconsin (a very alternative college town) there were several to choose from. We researched and decided that we would go to Tiger Rose Tattooing and Body Piercing, a reputable , experienced parlor downtown. Upon arriving the night we decided to "do it" it took a while to decide what kind of jewelry we wanted and then who would go first. I hopped right up into the chair and said "fire away" yanking off my shirt, with Lori and her father both watching. The technician was very informative in explaining all that he was going to do, marked put the clamps on ...and after Lori was about to pass out from watching me , Viola!! I was Pierced!! Feeling confident for a few seconds until he started talking of cleaning and care of the new piercing, then is when the shock hit me, the sweat on my brow, the room spinning. After a few cold towels, and sucking on a lollypop I was fine. Then it was Lori's turn.

She did more squacking about it before it even started. The scariest part for her was the clamp, then he said "this will feel like a little burning" and then it was done. She couldn't believe that was it. No lightheadness or anything! Happy at our piercings, we departed in the rain for the nearest tavern, to celebrate our accomplishment. Needless to say before we left the bar everyone in the joint knew what we had done. And we are proud of it!!!!! (just a little excitement in the lives of two single moms!)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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