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My Secret Nipples

I used to think that tattoos and piercings were disgusting. I was raised to think that way. My ears were gun-pierced when I was 9 months old, at the pediatrician's office. I went through a time where I didn't even want to wear earrings. Now I generally sport a stud with a chain on one side and a chained stud and earcuff on the other, much to the dislike of my parents. Soon, I hope to add at least a few more ear pierces.

When I was 12 or so, my cousin went and got his tongue pierced, in three different places. I never actually saw it, but the idea was interesting to me. I've never had the urge to have my tongue pierced, but at that age, that was the most extreme pierce I could imagine (little did I know!).

By high school, my views were changing with my budding sexuality. I really wanted to get my ears pierced a few more times, but my parents rejected the idea. I started reading r.a.b. and BME regularly, and the idea of modifying my body became more and more appealing. I think the most important revelation came one summer when one of the lifeguards at my pool had a nipple ring. While my mom carried on about how repulsive and dangerous she thought it was, I kept it to myself how sensual and exciting I thought it was. I wanted to have my nipples pierced, too. Unfortunately, as a minor, this sort of personal expression is limited! I also had the added problem of privacy -- my family does not respect privacy, and so even the most intimate mod would be a slight risk.

I decided to take this risk and do a nipple piercing myself. I had been reading so much about and viewing so many pictures of the piercings that I felt like I could handle it. My mother is a nurse, so getting sterile needles was no problem.

One afternoon, I had the house all to myself. I numbed my left nipple with oral anaestetic (like Orajel, but a generic liquid), mainly because I knew that if I was in control of the needle and it hurt, I'd shake and make a mess. (Definitely a negative of self piercing.) I measured and marked an entrance and exit hole. Then I cleaned the area well with Bactine and alcohol and prepared myself for the piercing.

I had decided to use one of my stainless earrings (a larger ring) and had soaked it overnight to disinfect it. I got it and the needle and set them up (with some paper towels and band-aids -- just in case) on the counter of the bathroom. I took a deep breath and began to slide the needle in horizontally. All I felt was pressure, due to the numbing agent.

It wasn't hard to get the needle all the way through, and it seemed straight, so I inserted the ring and took a good look. It looked awesome! There was a single drop of blood from where both the needle and ring had both been inserted, but that was all. I went without a bra for the rest of the day, and wore a loose-fitting one for a little while.

The pierce healed without any problems. I kept it cleaned and turned, and never had an signs of infection or anything. The second nip followed, but it was short-lived because it was in my smaller nipple and stayed red (though not painful) too long for my liking.

Privacy was still a big issue, though. I had a physical coming up, and even though I wasn't afraid of the doctor's reaction, I knew my mom would come along, as always. I knew she'd kill me if she saw my nipple. Not only are those little paper gowns revealing, but I also knew part of the exam would include exposing my chest. There was no way she could miss seeing it, and I knew it would only arouse suspicion if I refused to let her accompany me.

So I gave up. I regret that to this day. I took out the ring before the exam and decided to leave it out until I could go and get both of my nipples professionally (re)done. My parents never knew, and I think it was better that they didn't, but I miss the sensation of the ring in my nipple! Both of my nipples are more sensitive now than ever before -- and my boyfriend loves breasts. He never saw the pierce, or knew about it... I wonder what he'd say!

I'll wrap this up with a disclaimer: Even though my experience went well, I don't recommend self-piercing. There's too much risk of infection and mistake involved. Get yourself to a professional, well-recommended piercer instead.

Just my two cents and a little story.

-- Elsbeth


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Oct. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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