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n the recent months I have undergone changes. My first piercing experience was at Perforations in Washington D.C. I had been thinking about getting my nipple pierced and one day I just said what the hell and went to Perforations by way of the Metro Rail. I arrived at Perforations and met with Jason. He talked to me in a very professional manner and proceeded to explain the Nipple Piercing. Once I picked out the Jewelry (A 5/8 12 Black Nobium Ring) I began filling out the paper work. Then all went really bad. They asked me for my Drivers license and I had left it at work (I was on my lunch break). I was sooooo bummed when he told me that he had to have it (I am 28 years old) before he pierced me. So I went back to work for the rest of the day.

After work I went back (Not by Rail but by car) and brought my Drivers license. By luck Jason was able to fit me in his busy schedule. He took me into his work area and began to setup his tray of supplies. He was very clean and his knowledge and years of experience showed. He began by cleaning the area and once that was done he changed gloves (Kinda weird but hey better safe then sorry) he then marked the area with tatoo ink. The next item was the only real pain (Not pain just annoying) of the whole thing. THE TRIANGLE FORCEPS. He positioned them for what seemed like an hour (But was more like 45 seconds). I was saying to myself " This sucks ". Then he told me that he would place the tip of the needle on the mark and ask me if I was ready. OK moment of truth. I felt the edge of the needle took a deep breath and said "ready". He jabbed the needle through and removed the forceps. WOW it wasn't bad at all.A mili second of sharp pain then it was over. Infact once I exhaled again I felt as though I was in a hot tub bath. Kinda cool. He then put the ring in and I was outta there.

On the drive home I was soo excited that I had to call someone. So I called a good friend of mine to spill the beans. Well my friend wasn't there and I had to leave voice mail. Bummer! it wouldn't be till the next day until anyone would know about it. I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned almost like it was christmas eve and I was expecting Santa to visit (Really Weird).

The next day I began my cleaning ritual with Softsoap antibacterial. It is simple to clean and wasn't painful at all. The only time it hurt was when I hit it on something. No crusting un till approx a week later.

Since then I have shown a lot of people (I am an exhibitionist) and it is always funny to see there expression. It is almost like someone shoots them in the chest and the buckle over grabbing there nipple (I work at a somewhat uptight business in Washington D.C. The home of stiff-a** suits). Once the initial reaction is over with they always ask " DID IT HURT? " first then " WHY ". People are soooo predictable.

"DID IT HURT" ----> Yea a little "WHY" ----> Because it is my body and I like it!

Keys to healing

Clean it at least 2 times a day Take Zinc Don't touch it for the first 3 weeks (Unless cleaning) Take Zinc

Would I do it again... heheheh I already have... More on those and tatoos later


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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