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Nipple Piercing by Ardvark of r.a.b.

fter frequenting rec.arts.bodyart for a while, I still had many questions about piecings, so looking for someone knowledgeable, I e-mailed Ardvark, the r.a.b. FAQ maintainer, and soon began e-mailing each other back and forth over the course of almost a year, and I credit her for a great majority of my piercing knowledge, however she still lived in VA at the time, and I was in WA, but I wanted someday to be pierced by her. When she gave me word she would be moving to the San Francisco area, I was thrilled!

During my senior year in high school, me and my boyfriend went to San Francisco for Spring Break in May. By this time, I had already gottem my tongue and septum pierced the year before in August. We met up with Ardvark and her husband Dan, and did some serious music shopping, then went out for an excellent Thai dinner, and she had invited us to stay at their place the next day... I was totally in love with her personality by then, and exstatic that I had finally met her.

We arrived at their place around 6pm Friday, and after listening to lots of music, ordering Japanese take-out, and watching a great episode of The Simpsons, we talked about getting my nipples pierced, and I decided I wanted it done then. It was a rather split second decision, but one I have been thinking about for a while. So we went up to her studio, and she mentioned they were good nipples to pierce, as they aren't too flat. We picked out the rings I wanted, which were two 10ga 7/8" CBRs, if I remember right. She marked the in and out holes on both, and I hopped up on the chair, then she put on the forceps, which wasn't comfortable, and told me to take many deep breaths, then she pierced me, and I had never felt pain that severe in my life. It was a good pain though, and I was glad I had done it. After the jewelry was inserted, a great amount of pressure was taken away, but it did bleed a lil bit, but stopped quickly. That fact that this wasn't a formal 'appointment' was great, because I had a chance to settle down from the first piercing, about 1/2 hour, before going on to the right nipple. During that time, we talked about stuff, walked around a bit, and I got a drink of water. After all that, it was time for the second. It hurt just as much, but wasn't as bad because I knew what was coming. The right one didn't bleed one drop, and they both looked great together! Ardvark's cleanliness and sterile procedures throughout the whole thing were excellent, and I wonder to this day if her prices cover the cost of all those latex gloves she goes through! :D

Later, though, the second one started to bleed quite badly, which she said was quite odd. But after applying pressure with gauze for about 5 minutes, it stopped, and we decided it would probably be best to tape gauze over it in case it started bleeding again, though it didn't.

Now, it has been four months, and they're coming along great. I've been washing them twice a day with Provon, and they are mostly healed, but still get lil crusties every now and then, but for the most part, have been nothing more than great, and I strongly recommend her to everyone I talk to, in fact, I recently took a good friend of mine to her to get her eyebrow pierced, which has healed great, and looks wonderful with the curved barbell she chose.

I'll definitely be visiting her again. I fell in love with the daith piercing Ardvark had and am thinking about one of those now.

Zach [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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