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My experiments with self-piercing

My experiments with self-piercing

I have done extensive experimenting with self-piercing. I became interested in body piercing when I was 17. I believe it happened when I saw someone with a nose or navel ring, I don't exactly remember. I immediately wanted to try it, and knowing very little managed to pierce my belly button with a needle. Withing the course of two days, it got infected, because I did not properly clean or sterilize it. The infection was not serious, but it did scare me away for awhile. I was drawn back to it like an addiction, mostly for the endorphin rush I got from the piercing. I again pierced my navel, this time without infection, but it became irritating because I was using improper jewelry.

I began to become drawn to other types of piercing, which I kept secret because of the prejudices of my peers. I was extremely fascinated by nipple piercings, and decided to try it myself. I attempted to pierce my nipple with a sterilized needle, but could not bring myself to push the needle through. I then devised the idea of sticking one end of the needle into a cork to lessen the pressure applied to my pushing finger and successfully completed my first nipple pierce. I had pre-purchased body jewelry for this, which I installed. I made sure to wash it every day, and after two weeks it had healed completely. I later removed it for fear of discovery, but ended up re-piercing it again.

I liked the endorphin rush so much that I decided to try a massive play piercing session, and worked 8 pierces into my nipples, two horizontal, and two vertical, for the session. Several of these I converted into real piercings and ended up leaving the two horizontal nipple piercings for quite some time. After 3 or 4 months of wear, I found that my nipples had enlarged significantly. I then began deliberately working to enlarge my nipples. I would attach weights to my nipples for half hour sessions, and this worked quite well. I eventually switched to another method using rubber bands. I would run two or three rubber bands of the proper length through the two rings, pulling them together. This caused much pain, but I was able to keep this arangement up for up to a couple days at a time. I am very happy with the results - my nipples are about five times larger now, and are much more sensitive. They aren't so large as to be noticeably different in a shower or locker room (I'm male by the way), which was an absolute must for me at the time (I was in high school).

I eventually gained enough confidence in my piercing ability to attempt a penis pierce. I succeeded on my first attempt (using only a sterilzed needle) in piercing my corona. There was very little bleeding, as I checked the skin for blood vessels first. It felt strange and bizarre, but I liked it. I eventually removed it because the placement of it interfered with intercourse.

I would only recommend self piercing to someone with the appropriate equipment and enough relevant medical knowledge. For me it has been a very pleasureable experience, and I hope that others may enjoy it safely as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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