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My nipple experience, problems...

My nipple experience, problems...

A long long time ago, I had decided I wanted to have my nipples pierced, but it took me a few years until I was 1: of legal age to have it done, and 2: got enough courage up to actually go do it. I finally decided just to go ahead and do it, as I was itching for a new piercing, and it just seemed it was about time to get over the fear I had of it. I've been pierced before, but somehow this just seemed like some unconquerable fear. Fortunately, I've found an excellent piercer, and she made sure to put me at ease as much as possible. So I went into the shop, made the appointment for later that evening, and was off on my merry way, butterflies in my belly all day. When I went back to the shop, Sharrin was just kind of hanging out, so she asked me if I'd like to just sit down and chat awhile to calm my nerves a little..so we did, and about 20 minutes later, it was time to do the deed. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, I just kind of figure there wasn't much point in freaking out, because this was going to happen, whether I was scared or not. She took a look at my nipples, and told me right from the start that there was a possibility there might be problems, because they're kind of small..and like her own, so she knew this firsthand. But I wanted to go ahead with it, so she marked and remarked them, explaining to me that, with girl nipples, they're not usually paralell to eachother, so she wanted them to LOOK even, even if the actual piercings weren't totally even. Made sense to me. When she got the marks the way she wanted them, she had me lie down on the table, take a few deep breaths, and put the hemostats on..I'd heard that this was the most painful part..but I didn't even know they were on until I looked down. We were carring on a pretty interesting conversation the whole time, which kind of distracted me, in a good way. She had me take a few breaths, and told me she was going to do it (for the record, I don't remember which she did first..I think it was the right, but I'm not sure) so I tried to prepare myself for it, but that was kind of pointless. When the needle first pierced it, it wasn't all that bad, but the feeling of the needle sliding through...it felt like some sort of white hot heat...Honestly the most intense pain I've ever felt..but even so, not as bad as I was imagining the whole day. The second one went about the same...I don't think one was any better or worse than the other. When she put the rings in, it was a little uncomfortable, but they were sort of numb by then, so it wasn't bad. I get such a huge rush from piercings..I just hopped off the table and ran to the mirror..I was pleased ;) She gave me a sucker...just in case I felt lightheaded, to get my blood sugar up, but I didn't really need it. I sat there for a few seconds because I was shaking a little, and that was all there was to it. There wasn't much but a dull ache after that. I've heard that most girls don't want to wear a bra after that, but I personally found it much more comfortable during healing to have something tight against them at all times.

The first month or so went without any problems, but then I somehow managed to get an infection in the left one, despite cleaning it 2-3 times a day (with bactine, and anti-bac soap) That was almost more painful than the peircing..I almost gave up and took it out, but then it occured to me if I did that the infection would get trapped inside. so I stuck it out, and managed to heal it up myself after a few weeks of cleaning it about 6 times a day, and putting wet teabags (something like chammomile is good) on it at night (I've heard that draws the gunk out..don't know if that's true, but it was soothing). About a week after the infection went away, it started to look a little hinky...I could see the ring through the skin. I've never seen a piercing that's growing out, but I figured that's probably what it looks like. I called Sharrin, and she said it might be a reaction to the infection, and it might correct itself..but it didn't. the skin started to sort of die and peel away on both sides of the ring...I was mortified. so I ended up having to take it out a few days ago. I plan to have it repierced as soon as the original hole heals over...

So that's my nipple story, as of yet.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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