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Nipple Piercing Party!

e Piercing Party!

Nipple Piercing Party!

As a new initiate to the pierced community, I just had to write to finally de-lurk, and tell everyone about what was for me a wonderful experience. But I digress; Let me start at the beginning.

I am a 27 year old female and I have been in a Poly-amorous, BDSM relationship for about 2 years now. The S/O's in this relationship being my Lord and Master, and four other ladies, (two are live in slaves like me, one is married to another submissive and one is in training with my Lord.) as well as my Lord's wife (who is vanilla.) Within this time I have been introduced to the "kinky and weird communities" such as the Gothic, Vampire, and piercing community. I had never really thought about putting holes into my body... (I thought I had plenty. HA!) But I have always been medically oriented. So when my Lord's discussions turned to adding some "Decorations" I put my medical mind to really thinking...

As I talked to more and more people about piercing, I decided that I wouldn't mind being pierced, or even doing some piercings... (I really wasn't worried about the pain. I did have to consider where I could pierce that would not affect my work in a Very conservative business...) So I found someone who did piercings locally, and set out to learn all I could.

Once I added several supervised piercings to my belt, my Lord allowed me to pierce him. (A frenum and a Hafada!) Once he had personally dived over the cliffs into the realm of the pierced, He was ready to have us pierced. (All five of us...) As the official piercing "groupie" of the group, Lord had me measure and order the Jewelry. Once all the jewelry arrived, (I Hate UPS Strikes!!!) we were ready to be pierced.... (My Lord decided that we would use 14g barbells instead of rings... To compensate for the difficulty in cleaning, I added a bit to the length.)

After a little planning and an eternity of waiting, (well it seemed like an eternity.) the wonderful gentleman I was learning from arrived at our home to do the deed X 10. I prepared all the jewelry, and supplies; and we all gathered to watch and wait our turn.

First - This set of nipple piercings went rather smoothly. We all winced sympathetiticaly through the needle going through and joked and laughed with each other. (trying to keep our minds off of the Pain.)

Second - The next Ladies nipples were Much more sensitive than most. But after she had something to bite down on, she too was pierced. (One side note: while putting the first barbell through, the needle slipped out, and so he had to fish a bit to find the exit hole... OUCH!)

Third - The right nipple went through smoothly, However the left nipple was much tougher tissue, (possibly because her children tended to breast-feed more on the left.) But with a little bit of persistence it too was pierced.

Fourth - I was next in line to be pierced... Lord sat behind me. (Like he had done with the others) I was marked, cleaned, and clamped; then Lord held my arms and supported me. I started controlling my breathing... (Deep, regular, even...) I felt the needle... It started like a stinging, then quickly started BURNING sharply for a second. I would swear that I could feel as it went through the different layers of the nipple; because the burning stopped for a second then started briefly again, followed by the sting, and then it was through... I really wasn't prepared for putting the barbell through. I thought it would slip right through, but I felt the ridges on the edge as it went through... (Next time I am getting Internally threaded or using a larger gauge needle so it won't be so bad...) I tried to tell whether it hurt worse having the second nipple done, or if it was just knowing what was coming, But it really didn't feel worse; just the stinging and burning. Once that barbell was through and I was cleaned off, (no blood, just some Neosporin...) I was all pierced and ready to go...

Fifth - The last set to go went very smoothly. I hadn't known that she would be pierced, since she was still in training with Lord and not officially part of the Household. Earlier that day she decided that she wanted to be pierced too. Since I had ordered a spare set of rings to use for anyone else I knew that might want them in the future, we were set. So off we go with a set of 14 gauge captive bead rings for her... not a hitch...

The First needle went through at exactly 10:00 PM and the Last ring went through at exactly 12:00 AM. Two hours - ten breast; we all then sat back, tender but happy, with a toast of sparkling apple cider to; Pierced Nipples". All ten of them... What a nipple Piercing Party...

Update: The day after... Everyone is tender, and we are very aware of anything close to our chests. Everyone is happy with the piercings... Especially Lord, who I am sure can't wait to be able to "play" with them, as soon as possible... :) I am continuing in attempting to learn all I can, and I do believe I can see future "Holes" in the works... maybe a clit hood...{big grin}

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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