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Nipple Piercing

ple Piercing

I had considered getting my nipples pierced for sometime --- seriously

for a couple of years. My nipples have always been sensitive and as a gay man I have always enjoyed having them "tended to." If their sensitivity could be increased I was definitely interested, though they were quite sensitive to start with. A man sucking and nibbling my nipples could get me sexually aroused in a hurry!

After reading a good deal about methods of increasing the sensitivity, I bought a pair of tit clamps at an adult toy store and commence using them during the evening while I was home along. Tit clamps don't not have to be intensely painful because there are screw adjustments on them to back them or, or increase the tension as desired. My goal was to increase sensitivity so I continually increased the amount of pressure applied to my nipples. Each time the pain would intensify and then relent as the evening wore on. Once I would remove the clamps my nipples were relieved... and I could play with them and experience much greater sensitivity.

Soon the metal clips had no restraint at all. I had built up my resistance to the discomfort and needed a way to increase it again. I purchased a package of ordinary clothes pins and clipped one to each nipple. The pain was intense at the outset and there was no way to relieve it except by removing the clothes pin. I grew more and more tolerant of the discomfort and my nipples grew more and more sensitive.

I purchased, at WalMart, a pair of snake bite suction cups (oddly they

come in pairs --- they must know they are used more for tits than snake bites!). Thus commenced my effort to increase the size of my nipples. By now I was considering the possibility of having my nipples pierced. I had read a good deal about nipple piercing and talked with friends who had experienced it. Without exception they reported that the piercing had considerably heightened the sensitivity of their nipples. I knew that I would need nipples sufficiently large to support a piercing. Night after night I would apply the snake bite cups, using a jell lubricant, or sometimes aloe jelly, to insure a sealed suction and a lasting hold. It was a good feeling as the cups continually "sucked" my nipples. It was titillating. Upon removal of the cups I would have double and triple sized nipples lasting for up to an hour, following.

I live in a town where the only place I could get them pierced was a tattoo parlor. I stopped in one day and it was clear they really did not have the experience I expected. There was one, only, circle ring that came with the piercing... no selection. I knew I didn't want them working on my nipples! I talked to a friend who was very much into leather and he said the best piercer in the region was at the Eagle, a gay-leather bar in Atlanta, four hours away. I called and spoke with the piercer and began the process of building my courage. I wasn't sure when I could have the piercing done because I knew I did not want to drive back to my town the night it had been done --- the piercer at the Eagle was available no earlier than 7 pm. That turned out to be a very wise conclusion on my part.

I do not ordinarily have business in Atlanta and I am not free to be

away from my work two days in a row, so it was beginning to seem like an opportunity would never occur. It was about six month later that an unusual opportunity to make business trip occurred and it seemed like it was meant to be. I would drive there, conduct my business, visit the bar that evening, stay in a hotel in the city, and return home the following day with pierced nipples.

The piercer was surprised to learn that I wanted both nipples pierced.

He said he usually only did one, though he did not discourage me. I knew I wouldn't get back soon, and I wanted them both sensitized. I asked him if I could count on greater sensitivity and he said 9 our of 10 times sensitivity is doubled.

I sat in a high chair, with my shirt removed and he cleaned the nipple area with alcohol --- I had shaved the area around my nipples before coming. Then he applied a pair of clamps used by surgeons to lock flesh in place, first to my left nipple. The long handled clamps looked like miniature cooking tongues. There was a rectangular loop of metal that, when clamped and locked onto the tit, squeezed it very tight --- almost flat --- and allowed the entry of the piercing needle through the metal loop at the center of the flattened nipple.

The piercer was an interesting person with a lot of experiences to share and I learned that he had a P.A which he gladly showed me. I have thought, off and on, about a P.A. myself, as well as other modifications to the penis, but that is another story.

He warned me that there would be pain when the needle entered my nipple. He asked if I wanted a local anaesthetic. I said, no. After metal clamps and clothes pins I was used to pain in that region and I had come to enjoy it. What is more, I always like to know exactly how I feel, if I can stand it, rather than wonder and worry about how I will feel when the local wears off. He explained that I must keep breathing during the operation... must not hold my breath in response to the pain. I like being forewarned and really appreciated my body modifier's constantly keeping me up-to-date as to what I could expect.

He took a long time to make sure his needle would penetrate my nipple

exactly where he wanted it, to support a piece of jewelry and to be symmetrically centered. Then, instantly, the needle went through my nipple. I have not experienced such intense pain before, ever. I gasped, ground my teeth and held by breath. "BREATHE," he shouted at me. I suspect he wanted to give something to do besides think about the pain, as much as wanting me to take in oxygen. In ten seconds the pain was gone. It was very short-lived, though it did not seem that short at the time.

I was surprised to discover that when he had pierced the nipple, the

new ring I had selected was attached to the needle and when I look down it was already inserted in my nipple. I had supposed there was more discomfort to come, but it was all over!!

The procedure was repeated on the right nipple and I was a happy man!

At his suggestion I sat in the chair for, perhaps, ten minutes, to see how things were going to go. I had bled fairly profusely and he wanted that stopped before I left. He covered my newly pierced nipples with bandages, after applying disinfectant and neosporin. He handed me printed instructions about daily bathing of the nipples, the taking of chelated zinc tablets to speed up healing, which were to be purchased at a health store, and the instruction that the jewelry, though moved daily to keep the piercing open, I was not to remove the jewelry for one year. When I felt ready to leave I went back to the hotel.

There I was to remove the bandages, apply alcohol with a shot glass I had been instructed to buy in advance, filling it fairly full, holding the mouth of the glass over my nipple and "slopping" the glass upward to force the liquid to bathe my nipple. Then I applied disinfectant, using the same shot glass.

[Note: Cleaning with alchohol is not generally recommended for piercings and can hamper healing. -ed.]

The left nipple continued to bleed, profusely that evening...  I

followed the printed instructions and cleaned around it, which turned out to be a mistake, because I managed to remove some of the coagulated blood, and the natural blood clotting action was interrupted. After a couple hours of continued bleeding I call the piercer and he suggested binding the bandage more tightly around the nipple. At 2 am I called him again: same problem. This time he suggested that I roll up a towel, place it across the bleeding, bandaged, nipple, and lie on it. That worked!!!

I was extremely grateful I had arranged for the overnight stay, not

attempting to make the 4 hour trip home. I was within easy access of the bar and the piercer, by phone, which reassured me immensely --- and helped stop the bleeding.

It has been over two years since I had my nipples pierced and I am very

happy that I did. They are both much more sensitive, though my right one is the more sensitive because the things I sometimes carry in the inside pocket of my jacket on that side often catch on the nipple ring and bring it to attention. It loves that attention and repays me with increased sensitivity and pleasure.

Now I fantasize about a P.A. and a wand. Who knows, now that I am joining BME, I may move ahead rapidly in my healthy growth toward those pleasures.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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