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Permanent Nipple Rings

manent Nipple Rings

After some convincing my wife recently agreed to having her nipples pierced. While she has long been a willing subject when it came to her ear piercings, she was resistant to the idea of having her nipples pierced again. She had allowed me to pierce her nipples a few years ago using Gauntlet jewelry, but soon thereafter lost the piercings when she removed the jewelry prior to going to her doctor for a yearly physical.

On my birthday she had surprised me by offering to have her nipples pierced again. She also had two other requests for the piercing; first, I was not to tell her when she was to be pierced, but rather at the planned time, I was to tie her to one of the large dining room chairs, gag her, and then do the piercings so she would be unable to stop me if she became scared. Second, after the piercings had had some time to heal, I was to find some way to secure the rings so she would be unable to ever remove them.

I took the rings from our previous piercing attempt to work, I work in a hospital, along with the other piercing supplies and processed them in one of the new cold sterilizers that use hydrogen peroxide gas since the cork and rubber band for the forceps would be damaged in the autoclaves. I also secured a sterile marking pin from one of the scrub nurses.

On the selected day, everything was ready and I was waiting when my wife came home from work. I met her at the door, kissed her and told her it was time. After removing her blouse and bra I led her to the dining room where everything was set up. After tying her securely in the chair I proceeded to wash her breasts with a surgical wash and then prepped her nipples with a betadine solution. After marking the location for the piercings, I clamped the forceps on her right nipple and carefully lined up the needle with my marks, she did squeal as the needle was driven home into the cork. After removing the forceps, I proceeded to pierce the other nipple in the same way using a second needle. After both nipples were pierced, I then replaced the needles with the gold bead rings.

After three weeks when we were satisfied that the piercings were healing nicely, it was time to secure them permanently. I had been playing around with some different adhesives, epoxy, superglue and a couple of loktite products but none seemed to work really well on gold jewelry. In the end I decided the best way to permanently secure the rings was by soldering them closed. I knew from high school electronics class how to protect sensitive electronic parts from heat while soldering them in circuits. I planned to use the same technique on my wife's nipple rings.

This time I tied my wife to the bed and covered her stomach with a couple of heavy towels, laying her breasts over the edge of them. Using a heavy rubber band around the handle of a pair of needle nose pliers to hold them closed, I clamped the pliers across the ring with the bead on one side of the pliers and my wife's nipple on the other, I used a small electronic soldering iron with a flat tip applying heat to where the free end of the ring entered the bead. After about 10 seconds I applied some solder to the same area filling the joint with the now hot metal. The excess heat was absorbed by the pliers and my wife felt only minor discomfort. After a few minutes to let the ring cool I then removed the pliers and then repeated the procedure on the other nipple.

We are both happy with the results, but my wife is already worried about her next check up knowing that she can't remove the rings. On the bright side, she did offer to let me solder closed the gold rings that adorn the top of each of her ears.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 July 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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