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Better Late Than Never

suspect that many readers of this site and of rec.arts.bodyart either are or have been a college student. I am certainly no exception. Until I went to university, my experience of tattoos and piercing had been limited to ex-navy guys with blurry anchors on their forearm and studs in their ears. I had no wish to look like an assistant at a 3-year olds finger painting lesson and by the late 80s, ear studs on guys were hardly the mark of a rebel. (Being a rebel is especially difficult with understanding parents)

When I started University, I simultaneously discovered both the rec.arts.bodyart newsgroup and people decorated with some of the wondrous delights that were being discussed in it. I immediately wanted every single one of them, especially the piercings (okay, about half of them, a sex change was perhaps a bodmod too far and I'm quite happy with the dangly bits I was given). In a fit of self-control (and never the fashion victim), I decided that I should perhaps wait a bit. At the time (1992) not even belly-button piercings had become popular in the main stream, so there were no reputable piercers closer than London, over 3 hours away. I didn't trust the enthusiastic amateurs (all those horror stories on r.a.b about rejection, infections, keloids etc) so I decided to give it a go myself, where I could at least control the hygeine. So, I sent off for the Wildcat catalogue (highly recommended).

3 Months later it arrived (are they still this slow?). Whooooo! Prince's Wands, ball weights, stretchers, you name it, bodmod heaven. All those gorgeous things and no money. And there things stood for four years. Exams, money and relationships ("eew no, I don't like those") all got in the way and I'm now an engineer and see quite a few professional customers in my day to day work so the facial piercings are sadly out any way.

Until May this year that is. Britain had been experiencing a couple of weeks of exceptionally good weather. Every public grassy area sprouted pale white sunbathers and the local TV news programmes went apoplectic with scare stories about skin cancer and all the rest of it. I would have thought May in England would probably be quite a good time to get some sun, but what do I know. Anyway, some overdressed news berk was interviewing people about skin problems when they cut to some footage of a sunbathing couple slopping on the precautionary gloop. The bloke had a matching pair of pierced nipples (this on local TV... the only time you usually see people with pierces on local TV is in programmes about drugs, the homeless and when someone is getting self-righteous about students) I suddenly remembered why I had wanted my nipples pierced so much. It just looked so good. He was no muscleman but the steel CBRs through his tits really suited him. The guy's girlfriend was obviously playing to the camera and as she rubbed the gunge in, giving a nipple a bit of a tug, purely as a bit of mischief (I think the cameraman must have fancied one of them). All I could think at the time was "ouch, I hope that's well healed". That and "I wish she were doing that to me". Having got rid of most of the excuses not to have them done (especially the one that whinged at me).

Since being at University a couple of piercing establishments had appeared in the city, along with the compulsory ear piercers that suddenly seemed to know all about minor surgery. It makes me shudder just to think about the problems they had caused people (note that I passed one of these places a couple of weeks ago and the belly-button and nose bits on their sign have been scribbled out). I did my homework on both the piercers but neither got my custom. Sure they had the autoclave and most of the gear, but the premises just weren't sending me the right vibes (this from someone with a BSc degree). Having to drive home with a couple of holes in my chest wasn't thrilling me either so I took a look at the Yellow Pages for something nearer. The FAQ list had nothing nearer to home so I wasn't hopeful.

Oh ye of little faith. Under Tattooists, two were listed as performing body piercing. Both were registered with the local authority and one was claiming membership of various organisations. I always take these claims at face value, but a glance at the premises from the outside told me that at least the outside was cared for and clean. More than I could say for the others in the Big City. Suffice to say that once I walked in I didn't even consider the second place. Clean, bright, well maintained and the staff even knew what they were talking about (yes, I really do want both doing together, otherwise I'll only ever have one). In short, good vibes.

The process has been documented here dozens of times before, the basic idea being: Choose ring (or bar in this case) size and shape, clean piercing site(s), mark, check, anaesthetise (this is the UK not the US, and I ever since I mangled my upper arm when I was 10 and the doctor manipulated the bone without anaesthetic I dislike lots of pain). Wait. Wait some more. Check marks again. Get jewellery out of autoclave. Insert needle. Hooooooooo...... and that was with anaesthetic... In goes the jewellery. Wow. Yeah. Thats what I want. Hooooooo.... I wasn't concentrating (I wonder why?) and the second one was in.

That was a couple of months ago. No major problems. As you can imagine, my chest was tender for a few days (still is, really) regular cleaning with salt solution and tea tree oil seems to have stopped any major problems. I still can't get over how good they look and feel. All I need now is a little more time and someone to play with them. That and a matching PA, frenum ladder, guiche...

P.S. It's not giving too much away to say that the City is Leeds. Hi folks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Dec. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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