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My favorite piercing-my tongue!

I, like many other users on this site, feel that I am addicted to piercings. The nerves and excitement about a new piercing can possibly only be topped by a new tattoo, but at the time I got my tongue pierced a tattoo was out of the question and at 17, I'm surprised I got away with that much. Anyway, about 4 years ago I continued my long fight to get my tongue pierced and told my friends that when I got to class it would be done, so that weekend my mom, brother, and I made a trip to keep my word and get what I now consider my favorite piercing. Now I get to talk about it and tell anyone who is considering one all the things I wish I would have known before I got it done.

So like I said around this time I'd been telling everybody that this was going down, when I came back to school I would be pierced and I had a promise to keep. I'd wanted this done for a long time and I wasn't about to give up. So I finally got my mom to give in (without my dad knowing) and set the date. So Friday after school my mom and my brother and I drove down to the tattoo shop, one that I'd heard about a little bit before but had never been there before, and stepped inside to take the leap. 

We browsed the tattoo images for a while before they got to me and asked what I wanted done and I told them I wanted my tongue pierced. Since I was underage we had to sign a lot of paperwork and then go to a bank and get someone to sign off on our signatures (I felt it was a little overkill but what's a girl to do?), and when we got back we browsed some more as he set up. He took a quick look at my tongue and okayed me then we went into the tiny piercing room. Of course I first had to mouthwash with what looked like Listerine and we bs'ed for a bit as he put on gloves and prepared. I remember him telling me that this was his first tongue piercing after I asked him if he'd done these a lot, way to put me at ease. So he marked my tongue, asked if it looked good (I think I was too excited to really pay attention so I said sure) and then I stuck out my tongue and he clamped me. I'm a firm believer that the clamps are the worst part, and maybe for a reason because it takes your m

ind off any other pain. Either way he stuck the needle through, top to bottom, which really just felt like a pinch to me, fiddled around a bit putting the barbell in, and I got to look at it. Of course I was really excited but it looked a little crooked and I said that to which he responded, "Should I do it again?"....No, point taken. Since it was all said and done, he explained after care, recommended some aspirin, and we paid, done.

My piercing pretty much went off without a hitch, but there were a few things I've learned since then, not only about my own tongue piercing but about others I've seen since. My tongue was swollen for probably about 3 days, but mine reacted pretty well and didn't swell much in the first place. I'd heard horror stories about it being so bad you couldn't talk or eat but I had no such experience although the underside of my tongue was sorest for a while. As for the feeling of it in your mouth, when you get it done, I recommend popping a couple Aleve before you get there as when you have a ball on top of your tongue it feels like you permanently have pills in your mouth and you really can't tell if you've swallowed or not. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever after I got it done, but soft foods were easier. The less chewing the better because you don't really realize but when you switch food from one side of your mouth to another, the long barbell puts the top ball right

between your teeth and you're just asking to chomp down on it, so be aware of how you're eating, it will save you a lot of trouble and toothache. Now that I've had it for so long, I don't even notice it and virtually never bite down it, I've completely changed the way I eat, and I have a smaller barbell, which brings me to my last point, changing it.

When you change your barbell, make sure you keep the gauge the same, or at least smaller (unless you're looking to gauge it intentionally). It made my tongue sore when I accidentally put in a slightly larger bar. Another thing is to make it shorter. They told me when they pierced me that this one was just for swelling so it had extra room but it does wonders to get a shorter bar.  

Now I'm so happy that I have my tongue pierced and I'm so glad I got it done, now years later its on to more mods!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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