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The long painfull road of my tongue.

Out of all piercings, the tongue is definatly my ultimate favourite. Even when I was allowed to get my first piercing, I was anoyed, because I was only allowed to get my navel done. But I suppose at that age, beggars can't be choosers.

When I was fifteen, I came up with a plan I thaught just couldn't fail. After countless arguments with my Dad over not letting me get my tongue pierced, I gave him an ultimatum. Leave me get my tongue pierced or every Sunday I will pierce my ears myself until you let me. 'Fine' he said, 'off you go!'. So, I did. Every Sunday, I barged into him with a new pair of lovely earings. I'd say this is when I started to love the piercing process. Well, I always got the same answer, just a long breath out the nose. Stuborn man is my Dad. This went on for ten weeks.

He never gave in.

Then something happened that he couldn't control. I turned sixteen! Which was at the time the right age. So I did it. One of my proudest days. Funnily enough when I showed him I got the same answer I got with my ears. mmmfffhhhhh..

So time passed, life went on. I went on a holiday to england with my college. We went to a shopping centre where I saw a shop that did piercings. Not a piercing shop, an actually shop, full of gothic cloths and make-up, with a little room at the back for piercings. I thaught 'hey why not now?'.

Suprisingly, they didn't do alot of the most common piercings. Not even belly button, so I didn't have much to choose from. But they did do tongue. 'Yep, I'll get a second tongue piercing.'

What a silly girl I was. Never heard of the place, it was in a shop and they could only do a very select amount of piercings. Alarm bells would have rung, but unfortunatly for me, once I get an idea it's going to happen.

I asked her could she pierce right in front of the piercing I already had. She agreed, but to be honest, I really felt that she wasn't 100% sure. Ah well. She brought me behind the little curtain into a suprisingly big room. I sat up, full of confidence, remebering how the clamp hurts much more. But by god was I wrong.

I will never forget the pain I felt getting that done. It really was an 'oh shit' pain. To this day, I'm sure she hit something that wasn't right. I bled and I bled. It just wouldn't stop. She actually sent me out while I was still bleeding.

Outside, showing my new piercing to my friends even opening my mouth was painfull. Everthing hurt. Talking was stingy. I avoided swallowing and just wiped away all the spit.

But I was reasurred by friends, that they knew someone who had the end of their tongue done and apparently it was supposed to hurt alot more than the usuall placement. Honestly though, not like that.

That night, I made an attempt to lift my tongue up in my mouth to see how it looked in the mirror. Yes, it was that bad that even lifting my tongue was agony. What I saw completely shocked me.

It was completely slanted. It was obviously an intentional slant, about 45degree angle type slant. It went in at the top, aligned fine with my first piercing, but came out underneath 1cmm from the middle. I assumed that this was so it wouldn't be knocking of my first piercing, thinking as a piercer she would know what she was doing.

Back home, 11 days after said piercing was done I was trying my best to eat mashed potatoes. I was so hungry, but I still couldn't eat soft foods. That was it, I had had enough and I took it out. And might I add, those where THE best mashed potatoes I ever ate in my life!

To this day, I have a scar where the bar came out underneath, that if I rub kind of tickles or something. I can't really describe it, but kind of like that.

Well at least my ordeal was over, but I did feel incomplete without it. I definatly wanted a second tongue piercing, but I wasn't going to do the same thing.

So, off I went to my usuall piercer at home. I told him what had happened and showed him the scar. He reasurred me that it was very wrong. Even looking at it now, the scar is so close to the vien it's scary.

I'd like to say that I have balls to go through this again, but unfortunatly I don't have balls because I am a girl. I decided I'd have each side of my tongue pierced. I wanted to stay clear of the front.

Honestly, I was very scared when I was getting it done. My last experiance had left me pretty shook. I had to bring two frineds (who eventually came in handy) and it took me about twenty minutes sitting in the chair before I finally gave the go ahead.

So with a friend at either side and a fan blowing in my face I stuck my tongue out as far as I could. And it wasn't so bad. Of course, because thats the way it should be. I just needed a two second break before I got the next one done. I lay back, which was a stupid idea and treid to put it off for as long as I could.

Time for the next one though. I sat up a bit too quick. Woops. So tongue out, needle in and then... black. This is where the two friends came in handy. With each on them holding me up by an arm and one holdong my head up, the bar had to be put in while I was out for the count. I remember waking up to three faces looking down on me and laughing and the flash of the camera going of. Thanks.

I got the two done at the same time for two reasons. 1) Because I was afraid I wouldn't come back for the second one and 2) I wanted to see if I could do it. Well I did!

But of course I had to have problems. My left one just didn't seem to be healing. I put it down to the fact that I had both healing at the same time.

Once, I was talking to someone and whatever word I said, caused a blof of blood to come out of my mouth, completley randomly and without warning. This happened a few times after, from the same one, until I got the chance to go back to my piercer to explain what was happening.

He had told me beforehand that he couldn't garauntee that everything would go smoothly and that there always could be problems with healing. He advised me to take it out and leave it heal fully and come back to him.

It healed fine but yet again I felt naked without it. So after about 3 or 4 months (I wanted to give it plenty of time) I went back to finish it off.

And finally, everything went okay.I didn't faint, it healed very well, better than my first ever tongue piercing and I am now the proud owner of three lovely tongue studs (and a tongue web, of course to finish things off). I can say I have learned the hard way of choosing your piercers wisely and why you shouldn't just jump into the first shop you see.

I love my tongue and my tongue loves me! Well, maybe not! :)...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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