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I can't eat for HOW long!?

Everyone loves a tongue piercing right? It's nice and discreet, unlikely to snag on anything (unless you're doing something really strange) and it gets the ladies wondering. Or maybe that last one's wishful thinking.

I dithered quite some time about getting the piercing, basically because the prospect of going up to a week without proper food really put me off. In the end though I decided to take the plunge at a local piercing place, possibly because they were offering any non-genital piercing for the low, low price of £15. And not just because I'm giving them this awesome plug.

It was the night before New Years' Eve, all the Christmas leftovers had been eaten and I figured it wasn't the worst time to skip a few meals, what with having stuffed myself over the Christmas Holiday. So I wandered into town and got it done.

It wasn't too exciting really, the piercing itself. They were very clean and professional, had me sign the forms, checked my ID and everything. I wasn't really introduced to my piercer and if I had one complaint it would be that it almost felt like a production line operation. The place was in an alternative clothing shop though so I suppose that's about what you'd expect. Anyway, they swabbed my tongue, marked it up and then pierced. It was my first, and so far only, piercing and I was surprised at how little it hurt, though the sight of the needle sticking up through my tongue was a bit odd.

Afterwards, I got some ice cream to stop myself swelling too much and went and saw a film with some friends. My delightful lisp that stuck with me until I was done healing turned up by the end of the film, which made chatting about it after an endless source of comedy for everyone else.

Now, the fun part of the story begins. You may remember my mentioning that the reason I was put off the piercing for a while was food. Well, I apparently swelled up quite a bit more than most. I don't think this was the fault of the piercers and I got through a LOT of mouthwash looking after my new piercing so I suspect this was just bad luck. Either way, the result was about six full days of no solid food. I got around this with an endless series of soup-based meals and actually liquefying a full meal or two. This might have been bearable, if not for the fact that New Years' Eve, the very day after I got pierced, my friends decided that a great addition to our obligatory party would be a freaking Bacon Explosion! Look it up, they're awesome. But yeah, missing that stung just a tad.

One other problem I had was drinking. I had to leave the longer initial bar in for more than two weeks before the last of the swelling subsided, including the first week of term at uni. So inevitably I had a few beers on a couple of occasions and whenever I did that, I'd somehow manage to get one of the balls caught in my teeth and drag the other ball into my tongue. That's neither a pleasant experience nor fun to fix in a pub toilet. The lesson I suppose is don't play with your tongue piercing while you're still on the long bar. Or just don't be a complete idiot, however you'd rather phrase it.

Anyway, that's all in the past and since downsizing the bar it's been absolutely fine, except for a tendency to trap noodles on occasion. I do a lot of martial arts and I was kind of worried about it possibly getting dislodged by my getting punched in the face all the time (which is why this is my only piercing) but it's been perfectly fine.

Reaction-wise it's been pretty much all positive, though the part about women wondering was indeed wishful thinking. The one bad reaction was from my dad, who went bananas for some reason. It's really odd, because I had four tattoos by this point which he was and is completely fine with, even introducing me to the studio. One reason was that my sisters had apparently asked about them (how was I to know?!) and he wasn't happy about my sisters poking any more holes in themselves, especially ones with vague sexual overtones. What can I say, he's surprisingly old-fashioned in some ways. In the end though, seeing me struggle with soup and mashed potatoes for a week put my sisters off completely so it all worked out for the best!

Overall, I'm happy I got the piercing and I have no immediate plans to take it out. I even tried gauging it at one point but that's a story for another day. I'd recommend Blue Banana definitely, given the hygienic and professional atmosphere. In fact if I hadn't moved to Japan I'd probably be getting more holes poked there in the future.

Anyway, that's all for now, hope to share more experiences with you soon!


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on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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