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Tongue Web Piercing - Everyone Hates It, I Love It

Since moving to university everyone has been getting tattoos. I feel more original with out one so I would never get a tattoo done, but going with my friends every week to see theirs being done makes me so tempted. I decided I'd get a new piercing as I used to be really into piercings, but my parents were too strict and kept making me take them out.

At first I was going to get a scaffold/industrial as I have always, always wanted one. I was talking to the female bartender at my campus pub and she was telling us about her new lip ring which got us on to the topic of piercings. I had never heard of a tongue web piercing until she mentioned have hers pierced but unfortunately rejected. It sounded so sexy, and not a typical tongue piercing that is normally associated with blow jobs and cheap greasy cashiers (what my mom always says!). A week or so later I went with my friend to get another tattoo, and he agreed to come to the piercing shop just around the corner to get my tongue web done.

Getting it done was quite the experience though. The piercer led me and my friend to the room, and told me to hop up on the bed and open my mouth. As I got on the bed I said "I don't think I can do this!" but he didn't even listen and said "I'm going to spray this in your mouth, it tastes awful and you need to sit with your head forward for 5 minutes and god forbid, do NOT swallow it." So I opened wide and he sprayed something that did taste more than awful on my tongue web.. I thought it was a disinfectant, so about a minute into waiting, I couldn't keep my jaw closed anymore as my whole mouth was going numb.. I played charades with my friend to tell him my problem.. (pointed to my BUM and made the "sounds like" action and then made the letter N with my fingers.. of course all he could think of was Nut? or Bun? He figured it out and then said he knew it was a numbing agent and not to worry)

After 5 minutes of drooling on myself and a completely numb mouth - the piercer walked back in and told me to lay back on the table and to open my mouth. I don't remember him ever marking it, and he never asked for me to see if I liked the placement. He then said he was going to put the clamp on my tongue web and it may feel a bit uncomfortable.. Which it did slightly, just like someone was holding it between their thumb and forefinger vs any pain.. He then put the needle through and I didn't feel it at all thanks to the awful tasting numbing agent! He looked in shock and said "are you completely numbed then?" i was, but I guess he wasn't expecting that! Putting the actual bar through was very hard for him though, apparently it's very "fiddly" and I do have a very small mouth so cramming a mid twenty year olds hands in a little 18 yr old girls mouth doesn't seem very plausible. Eventually it started to hurt a bit, just like teeny pinches, which my friend noticed that I was in pain and came and held my hand while the piercer "fiddled" more. I had to swallow at one point and he went "WHAT DID YOU DO?" but as my mouth was full of man hands trying to screw on a tiny ball I couldn't answer. Luckily I guess it was nothing as he never commented again. My friend had to ask what my aftercare should be, he never told me with out prompting. Just to avoid spicy food and no smoking or drinking for 48 hours. Which I didn't listen to at all and just rinsed with mouth wash after smoking or drinking. It has been almost 2 weeks now and the swelling is almost completely gone and there is no pain with eating or drinking as there was in the first few days. A few times I had plaque build-up on the entrance holes but they were very easily removed and then I rinsed again to remove any bacteria my fingers could leave.

This is a piercing I would recommend to anyone, there was hardly any pain (and the pain experienced was extremely bearable) and so easy to look after, and heals so quickly! Everyone that I have showed it to says it is stupid placement as you can't see it but I love it because I personally don't know anyone with one and feel original with it! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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