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Lies! it DOES hurt!!

So basically, I'm sixteen years o;d (nearly seventeen) and I've been contemplating getting a new piercing for a while now.

Nose? No, I don't have the most attractive nose ever, like I'd want to try attention to it. Lip? Ah, I find those vulgar and tacky and here, EVERYBODY here has them (I live in Italy, by the way, lip piercing are a common commodity). Belly? Heh, let's get that wash board stomach I've been 'working' on first, then we'll talk. So after days and weeks and months of pondering, I decided that a tongue piercing would be the best direction to go. Its sneaky, I can hide it from my parents (they'll probably find out eventually of course when they inspect my face like parents sometimes do) and I think they're quite 'cute'. I have seven piercings already, a helix, upper ear, tragus and lobe and upper lobe (on both sides), but they're all on my ear and that's rather dull, if I do say so myself. I wanted some flavour, some excitement, something nobody would every expect me to get (I'm very petit, studious and 'cute'), and a tongue person seemed to fit that description exactly.

So I coordinated my plan. I was going to Amsterdam for 5 days to visit a friend and I decided I'd do it there. It was my first flight alone (yeah, my parents are just a tad over protective; I had to beg them to let me go...But seriously, AMSTERDAM of all places!) and my parents gave me quite a lot of money for the journey, so I set around 70 euros away for the piercing, not knowing how much it would cost exactly. I read estimations on the internet of about 40-50 euros, but I wanted to go somewhere that I knew was SAFE, and thus I'd pay a little more. I told my friend (the one I was going to stay with) about my plot and he just told me to make sure his parents didn't see it, or they'd be royally pissed.

So I get on my plane, fly off to Amsterdam where my friends waiting for me, go to his house in the Hague, sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. "Today is the day" i though to myself, putting on my floral patterned dress which would actually be stained in blood later on in the day and attempting to motivate my sleeping friend.

After going out for a bit to blaze (it IS legal in Holland after all, mind you), I took a painkiller (an Advil liquid cap) and my friends friend took us to the piercers. We entered the building, and it was ridiculously high tech. There were computers set up for customers to search different tattoos, and best of all it was CLEAN. I went up to the front desk and casually (yeah right, I was jumping up and down with anxiousness!) that I wanted my tongue pierced, in the center and she told me to fill out a form and she'd be right with me. The form consisted of mainly allergy related questions; are you allergic to any metals? No. are you allergic to any form of medicine? Only sulphur based antibiotics. And so on and so forth. With clammy, sweaty hands, I gave the form back to the lady, who was adorned in piercings herself but pulled it off magically, keeping them all colour coordinated and classy. She was very kind and spoke better English than I did! She told me her manager was o ut, so I'd have to wait upstairs for five minutes or so, so my friend and I did so.

The waiting wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My friend kept me entertained and we had a few laughs before the lady came up and called me into the the room where they do the procedures. The sweat began to pour, as I sat on the cot trembling. We talked for a while, and my piercer was the most lovely woman you can imagine (though I can't remember her name, scorn!) She was very pretty and had the funniest laugh ever, which helped put me at ease. I inquired about some of her piercings, asking her which hurt the worst. She pointed to her upper lip and said that one hurt very badly because apparently that's where all the nerve endings in your face come together. She explained that it was more painful than her piercings 'down there' and she was just generally of such good humour that I loosened up a little bit.

She said we'd get down to business, but first she needed to look through my tongue to see if there were any rogue veins that she could potentially stab. She did this by making me stick my tongue out real wide and putting the clamp on it, which was mildly uncomfortable because of the pressure. She shined a small flashlight around the center of my tongue, and said that I had a perfect tongue for the procedure. She removed the clamps then she asked me where I wanted the piericng, I said in the center, so she drew the dot on and told me to look in the mirror.

I checked it out in the mirror and it looked perfect, but she took a second look and said it was too far to the right, so she replaced it. I was astounded at her accurate eye and her efficiency; I knew this woman was definitely a professional. I asked her if it would hurt, and she said no and then proceeded to stick out her tongue to show me her two tongue piercings. I'd read on the internet that it hurt less than people generally imagined, but this but me further at ease. She asked if I was ready, and I steadily said yes.

My piercer explained each part of the procedure to me calmly. First she put the clamps back on my tongue, which again, posed mild discomfort. She then checked one last time if there were no veins where she'd pierce, and luckily there were none. She then said she was unwrapping the needle and I grabbed my friends hand. She then counted to three and shoved the needle in (I think it was a hollow 12g medical needle). The pain was sharp and excruciating and lasted longer than an ear piercing, and I was squeezing my friends hand like a mad woman. I guess because my piercing was further back had something to do with the bigger pain factor. The part that hurt the most was she look the needle out and switched it with the piercing itself. That was really uncomfortable, but luckily lasted all of 2 seconds. She told me I was done, and I looked in the mirror to admire my new tongue.

I have a large tongue, so the piercing sat perfectly in the middle and wouldn't impair my speech as much as somebody with a short tongue. She told me to rinse after every meal and drink with 50/50 chloorhexidine mouth wash(0.2%)/water solution. She said it was available at any drug store, but I bought some there for 7 euros just in case. She then proceeded to tell me what I could and couldn't do for 2 weeks (the elapsed healing time) which included; no oral contact, no kissing, no spicy food, try to remain on a purely soft food diet for the first few days, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no marijuana etc. etc. I told her I had no problem keeping to these terms, and I went downstairs to pay.

It turned out to be 67 euros (with the mouthwash), but it was well worth it!

The first day was alright; I lived off painkillers and soup. My tongue was swollen a little bit and I couldn't lift it, but I could talk. Solid food was a problem though, and I had tacos for dinner that night. I am still OCD with the mouthwash (i do it like 6 times a day) but I suppose that's actually better.

The second day was hell. The piercing hurt, my tongue was swollen and I couldn't speak very well. I couldn't eat ANY solid food properly, and when I tried it took ages. It went down at night and I took 2 Paracetamol to calm the swelling and the throbbing pain (which worked very well.)

The third day was much like the first, no great pain, mostly just short throbbing spells which went away in a few minutes. I had some more Paracetamol and was well on my way. I lived off of soup for breakfast and lunch, and a big solid dinner, which didn't irritate it too much.

I'm back in Italy now, and my parents haven't seen. The piercing doesn't hurt at all, but my tongue is a little yellow because of the mouthwash and there's a small indent where the ball is, but apparently that goes away within 2 weeks. Anyways, the experience I had was a good one and my piercer was very helpful, kind and experienced.

Get your tongue pierced!


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on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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