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You CAN play a brass instrument with a tongue piercing

I never wanted my tongue pierced. Actually, I was always scared to get it done. Cartilage, surface, microdermals...nothing like THAT scared me. But my tongue? Nu-uh. Stay away, please.

Of course, eventually that all changed. I became fascinated with tongue piercings. Not the cheap, acrylic barbells I was used to seeing girls poke out in class, showing off to the boys and giggling like their brain had been pierced. No, I fell in love with pictures on BME of classy, metal tongue bars. I became obsessed. I had to have one.

However, I am a trombone player. If I was going to get this, it would have to be over summer vacation. My band teacher would kill me for bailing on the year end concert due to a swollen tongue. So, I waited. I waited and waited until after the year end concert. Then I kept waiting, until the last day of classes was over.

A few days after being released into two months of glorious holiday, I arranged to head to Tranceformations with my boyfriend, to finally get my tongue pierced. When we got there, we were greeted by my friend Aletha, who was booking an appointment for her tattoo. Within a minute, my phone rang. My friend Jaymes asked if I had my tongue pierced yet. I told him no, and he said hang on, me and Erik will be there in a second. Soo, I sat down to fill out forms. The shop wasn't horribly busy, and Darren had no problem with my large crowd of spectators.

I sat down, rinsed my mouth, had my tongue marked, all that good stuff. I asked him to move it back a touch, and he obliged. Everything was set. Darren pierced it freehand, so I can't comment on clamps. I can only comment on the sensation of the needle going through. I was pierced from the top down, and I honestly felt nothing until the needle hit the bottom layer of skin. Then I felt a short, sharp pinch, and it was over. My tongue throbbed dully. Barbell in, bead on. I try to thank Darren, and sound like I'm mentally challenged. Whoo-hoo, this is going to be fun.

I was swollen for about a week, eating mainly liquid food for days. I didn't talk much, as it was exam week at school. I studied. I wrote exams. I rinsed with salt water all the time and I used alcohol free mouthwash twice a day. My tongue began to heal very nicely, and it wasn't long before I needed the barbell changed. However by that time, I was visiting my dad in Victoria. I spent a while hunting around for a place that used internally threaded jewelery and an autoclave. After a long search, I found Blank Generation. It's a great place, and I got a short barbell inserted.

The rest of the healing was uneventful. Mid-july rolled around, and it was time for me to go to band camp. (don't laugh. I'm serious). Not just any band camp. "Summer Brass Academy, presented by the Royal Victoria Conservatory of Music". Pretty prestigious. I faced a dilemma. If my tongue piercing, which I loved so dearly, impeded my ability to play my trombone, I would have to take it out.

So I set up my horn, got out my music and.....began to play. I didn't notice the bar in my mouth. I tried some double-tonguing. No difference. Some high notes, some low notes. Everything was perfect. I was over the moon.

Fast forward a while. Band camp is over. School is back in session. I have a cold. Bleh. I noticed my tongue piercing feeling a little funny. Soon, it swelled up a noticeable amount. There was a hard spot next to the barbell. I panicked, and went in to Transformations to get Darren to look at it.

He took out my barbell, and examined the hole. Asked me some questions and prodded at my tongue a little. Out came some nasty pus-like stuff. Instantly, relief. Darren got out a taper, and some surgical scrub. He cleaned the inside of my tongue out (that stuff. tastes. like a thousand asses). He gave me some mouthwash, and then replaced the barbell. I thanked him, but being broke couldn't give him a tip. He said it was no issue, and to come back if it continued to bother me. Of course, it didn't. The swelling disappeared, and the tenderness vanished. My tongue piercing is now fine. Lesson learned? Don't play with it. Don't. Play. With. It. Especially if you have a cold. It'll get irritated! And that's never fun.

If you're considering getting your tongue pierced, I say go for it. Be careful to find a good studio, and take proper care of your piercing. Good luck everyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Darren
Studio: Tranceformations
Location: Nanaimo%2C+BC

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