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Tongue Web

My friends and I were going into Edinburgh yesterday (21.10.09) to take our friend Katy to get her lip pierced as an early birthday present. En route my other friend Catherine decided to get a new ear piercing and I was swithering over a tongue web. When we got to Tribal, Sarah was just leaving but the other piercer, Jared, who had never pierced me before but had pierced Catherine, was in. He was very friendly and was asking what we were interested in. I explained I was interested in getting my tongue web done, but I did not, under any circumstances, want my parents or worse, my boyfriend, to know. Jared was pretty confident that they wouldn't be able to see it though, so after attacking him with many questions, "what would you pierce it with?" "What length would the bar be?" "How is the healing?" "Will my whole tongue swell or just the web?" "Will I have a lisp?" all of which he answered ably, I decided that since he had assured me it couldn't be seen when I spoke, my whole
tongue wouldn't swell and I wouldn't get a lisp, I would go for it! I decided for subtlety and cleaning / healing reasons, I would go for a bar as opposed to a captive bead ring.

Although I have other piercings, I always panic and get worked up before hand. Katy went first which most likely made me even more nervous, so, seeing my nerves, Catherine made me go next. So up I hopped onto the bench type thing. Attempt one was with my glasses on and my eyes open and woops! I moved my head away at the last second! Attempt two my head moved back in relation to the needle. So for attempt three, Jared made me put my head against the wall! My tongue was shaking in attempt four though (Yes my tongue!) but finally on attempt five, we got it done! It hurt a bit, but nothing extreme, just a sharp pain then it was over, no hot burning feeling like I had heard, or elongated pain. Oh the relief! I was so relieved when it was done, although I was shaking quite a bit!

Then came the difficult bit, getting the jewellery in! This bit was the worst as, a) I had to keep my tongue in the air and as far forward as possible, and b) the needle shifted in my mouth and poked my cheek – ouch! Once the bar was in he had to try to get the very small, very fiddly ball on the end, and make sure it was very tightly on so it didn't fall off in my mouth, which of course, lead to more holding my tongue in the air. Finally he managed to get the ball on and I could put my tongue down, yay! After Catherine got her ear done, all three of us paid for our new piercings and were given after care sheets with our particular piercings highlighted on it. I was advised to use sea salt soak or anti-bacterial, alcohol free mouthwash after every meal and to be very stringent on my oral hygiene. I was also told that I should avoid smoking (not that I do anyway!), avoid oral contact and use ice for swelling.

That night, the swelling on my tongue web was minimal as was pain, although I did take ibuprofen straight after it was done, as I always do with piercings, however I didn't take anymore that night. I managed to eat with little difficulty that night (curly fries and chicken dippers followed by angel delight) which Jared had said I would be able to do, and only to avoid salty, spicy or vinegary foods as they would sting, and possibly blow my cover! When I got home, I chatted to my mum quite a bit, but she didn't notice (thank God!) and then when I saw my dad, neither did he! Phew! I also managed hot orange and a lindt chocolate no bother.

When I got up this morning, I noticed my tongue web had swollen to the entire bar length! It is a little bit more painful today, but not too bad, and was in fact easier to eat than yesterday as they bar was not moving which yesterday felt like I had a bit of food trapped under my tongue – very off putting! This morning though, my pancakes were no bother and so far, brushing my teeth or using my Oral B (the mouth wash suggested to me by Sarah and Jared at Tribal) has not affected my piercing or made it sting. I'm not brave enough to attempt brushing the bar yet, and am slightly worried about plaque building up, but I'm hopeful that before this happens, the pain will have subsided enough to brush the bar!

Overall, this piercing, although still very, very young, has been great! No accidental glimpses or a lot of pain. So if you fancy an easy to hide, fun, low pain piercing, go for your tongue web!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Jared+Sanders
Studio: Tribal+Body+Art
Location: Edinburgh%2C+Scotland

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