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Tongue Torture

Blame it on Scary Spice, but I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was a little girl. I held off most of my piercing plans in high school though because I cheered, and cheerleading plus piercings can be a dangerous combo (ask my ex-naval piercing). Naturally, when I graduated high school and my cheerleading days were behind me, I decided it was time to make up for lost time. I talked my friends into going with me to get pierced so I could finally get a tongue piercing. When I went into the shop, the lady working at the counter asked to see my tongue before I picked out jewelry. She told me that my tongue web was kind of long and my tongue would have to be pierced close to the tip to accommodate. This gave me second thoughts and I ended up just getting my tragus pierced instead. I loved my tragus piercing, but it certainly didn't satisfy my desire for a tongue ring.

Four years down the road and many piercings later, I decided to give it another go. My sisters and I were on South Street for the day, so we decided to stop by Infinite and give it a shot. I had gotten around eight piercings there already so I knew they did quality work. I told them what I wanted, and then filled out my papers. I picked out a 10g barbell and I had a seat with my sisters. Within minutes, they called me back to one of the rooms for my piercing. I was familiar with the procedure so I was very at ease. First, my piercer cleaned off my tongue to prepare. She then marked my tongue on the top and bottom and let me check it out to make sure it was centered, and to my liking. I had her move it back a little further so it wouldn't be quite as close to the tip of my tongue. She decided to do it slightly off to the side of my tongue web to allow it to be pierced further back. After the marking was done, she carefully held my tongue and stabbed the needle up through the
bottom. I didn't even really feel it until it came out through the top of my tongue, and even then it was barely anything. She quickly inserted the jewelry and I was done. I checked out my new jewelry in the mirror and was quite pleased. It was all over so fast that it didn't really sink in immediately. I awkwardly pulled my tongue back in my mouth and was off on my merry way.

My sisters and I stupidly decided to eat immediately after the piercing so I got my first try at eating with my new tongue ring. It was no fun and I was already starting to wonder if this was a good idea. It took me forever just to eat a few french fries and I kept biting the barbell. The next day I was back to work and very miserable. My tongue was very swollen and it hurt to do anything. All of the talking I had to do at work probably didn't help either. Even while doing nothing, I was incredibly aware of the pain in my mouth. It was also really hurting my tongue web if I moved my tongue too much. I was worried that even after it healed it would still be painful because of the proximity to my tongue web and I was really starting to consider just taking it out. I took Advil as often as I could to keep myself sane, but it still felt like torture. My sisters (both with pierced tongues) reassured me that it would feel better in a few days, but I had a hard time believing th em, especially when it seemed to hurt worse by the day.

Despite how annoying it was, I decided to persevere. I had wanted my tongue pierced forever and I wasn't about to lose it now after waiting so long. I kept up with my Advil and made sure to be vigilant with salt water rinses after every meal. After about a week my tongue was just about back to normal. Eating was still difficult, but it was definitely getting better and I lost my lisp after a couple of days too. It didn't take a long time to heal, but it felt like an eternity. Of all of my many piercings, it was definitely the least enjoyable healing process. I'm glad that I stuck it out though because now I love it. I am barely aware of it anymore and I don't have any lingering pain with my tongue web. I'm glad that I went back to give it a second try and I didn't give up on it. The end result is worth the few days of torture.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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