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My tongue piercing

I had been contemplating to get my tongue pierced for some years. The thing that held me back wasn't necessarily the pain, but the fact that it wouldn't look good on me. I had read a lot of piercing experiences so I knew what I would be in for ,if the day would ever come I would walk into the piercing parlour.

One faithful day I was having a drink in a local bar with some friends. The subject of piercings came up, and I said I'd been wanting to get my tongue done. A girlfriend of mine, who had had her tongue pierced a few weeks earlier, told me to totally go for it and that I should worry about looks because it would look just great on me. That was enough motivation for me.

Back home I researched the area for piercing parlours. I texted my friend to ask where he had gotten her tongue pierced. She recommended Tattoo Bob to me, because she had also had her belly button and tragus pierced there. I went to their website and read a bit about the shop and it's history, looked for the number and called them. I made an appointment for next week.

I didn't think much about the actual day during the 8 days preceding it. 2 days before I called mt friend to ask if she could come with, but unfortunately she had to work that day. I asked another friend of me and he was able to come.

I didn't really know what to expect from a piercing parlour since I didn't have any other piercings or tattoos. The room looked very casual yet professional. I could hear a tattoo needle in the background, but the rest of the shop was empty. I walked to the counter and said I'd made an appointment. After filling out some paperwork, I was led into the back room where I sat down in the chair. I was quite nervous by then, by luckily I could have a good laugh with my friend. The room looked very clean and professional, which was good. Deborah talked to me about the procedure and a bit about the swelling and aftercare. I told her I wanted to go through with it and she started to inspect my tongue. She placed a dot in the center, and I had to see in the mirror if I was OK with the spot. It was fine and she put the clamp on my tongue. I felt a little pressure, but it wasn't bad at all. She picked up the needle. I closed my eyes. Take a deep breath in... and o.. ouch! It was done. It was a very quick sting and the pain faded quickly after. I'd heard it feels like biting your tongue, and it does. Not worse, but not better either. She replaced the needle with the titanium stud I'd selected earlier and screwed the ball on top. She checked if it was lined up properly and I got to rinse with some Listerine. I looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. I honestly didn't know what I had been afraid of, tongue piercings look good on evryone! She explained the aftercare and gave me a piece of paper where it was all written down. I also got a bottle of mouthwash to rinse with.

When I got home I didn't have much trouble. I could eat a sandwich without too much effort. After dinner time though it started to hurt a little bit and the swelling got worse. The next day I could barely eat so I just ate some soup. It didn't hurt much anymore but it was annoying to have a huge lump of flesh in your mouth. After about 3 days the swelling started going down and I could eat normal food again. I avoided spicy food since that might hurt the wound.

A week later evrything is fine and I'm starting to get annoyed with the long stud, which will be replaced by a shorter one in 6 days. The whole experience wasn't too bad at all and I don't regret it even a little bit. If you're thinking about getting your tongue pierced, do some research and you'll find out it's best to just go for it. The pain is very manageable, but the swelling is a pain in the %^&* afterward. Most of the time the swelling will go down after about 2-3 days, but it can last up to a week if you're unlucky.

Because I was so concerned about looks I asked my friends to tell me how it looked on me. They all said it looked cool, and one friend is even considering getting her own tongue pierced now!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Deborah
Studio: Tattoo+Bob
Location: Rotterdam+Netherlands

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