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Self done tongue piercing

Okay, first let me just say I am not recommending that you do a self tongue piercing.

With that aside, here is my experience..

I got my tongue pierced two years ago. I absolutely loved it. I had it done professionally and took very good care of it. (My mom took me to go get it) Well only a few months later I lost one of the balls during the day while messing with it, and by the time I had the chance to get home, which was several hours later, my tongue had already grew over, and my beloved piercing was gone!

I went two years without it after that and wanted it more and more every day. My boyfriend of over a year didn't want me to get it so I just didn't. (Bad choice, don't let people control you.) Now I've been done with that boyfriend for almost five months, and I decided just over a week ago that I wanted that piercing back.

I ordered a sterile 14g needle, a long 14g barbell, a clamp, and a short 14g barbell online, from painfulpleasures.com. I placed the order on Monday and the items came in the mail on Saturday. Late Saturday night I got everything out, around 11:30pm. I washed the clamp, the long barbell, my counter surface and my hands, all very thoroughly. I swished salt water in my mouth for a few minutes. I opened the needle, making sure to not let it get dirty. I clamped my tongue. Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at the veins under my tongue for a few minutes, making sure I would not mess this up.

Never would I of thought doing my own tongue piercing (although I've done other piercings) because the tongue is a trickier piercing with many more risks involved. On the underneath of my tongue though was a tiny white circular scar from when the piercing was there before. Seeing this, and knowing that my piercing had been straight when done professionally, I was feeling confident. I looked at all the veins and they were on the sides of my tongue, not close to the piercing spot at all. I got the needle, held my tongue up and pushed it up through the bottom of my tongue. It popped up out of the top, essentially painless, as I knew it would be. I took the clamp off and got the jewelry ready. I realized my tongue was a little too wiggly to try and put the jewelry in, so I put the clamp back on. I pushed the jewelry up through the bottom, pushing the needle out at the same time. I screwed the top ball on and a beautiful piece of metal was now in my mouth.

I started to bleed a tiny bit, but rinsed my mouth out. I threw away the needle, cleaned up my surface and stared in the mirror.. beautiful. I was ecstatic to have it back. I felt a little sick to my stomach but I figure I was just nervous. I drank some water and then felt fine. I went to bed. I woke up Sunday morning, brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with more saltwater. My tongue had swollen a little, but nothing too bad. I went to work at nine, working as a cashier, and had no problems, other then a little tenderness. I had sherbet for my break at work, hoping it would take the swelling down, and it did a little, and then rinsed my mouth out just with water and went back to work. The rest of the day went well, I ate a little here and there.. nothing to hard.

I hung out with my boyfriend who seemed to like it. We made out a little but definitely didn't do more then that, as it was a bit sore still. After going home I brushed and rinsed and went to bed. I woke up Monday, which is today, as I'm writing this story, rinsed and brushed and went to school. I drank water all day. At around 9 I ate a half of a bagel but had a difficult time, not because of the pain really but because of the HUGE barbell in my mouth. I had chips for lunch, and gum after that. When I got home I changed the barbell to my shorter one. Wow, it is so much better. I went and made myself a sandwich and chomped away. The shorter barbell has made it easier and my tongue isn't swollen anymore. If I pull on the barbell, it obviously hurts a bit, but just sitting in my mouth or during eating, it's pretty much painless.

All in all, everything has worked out really well. I will continue to clean it, and be cautious, but other then that things are all set. Just some advice, don't do it at home unless you are absolutely sure you can get the needle through safely, and only if you have the correct supplies. When performing aftercare, don't use saltwater or mouthwash more then two or three times, maximum, during the day. Over cleaning it will not give it a chance to heal up naturally.

Hope you enjoyed this, it was my first story here on BMEzine.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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